Quotes For When Your Six-Pack Is Made Of Pudding Cups

I never really expect much out of the new year, but usually I can at least trust that the end of holiday festivities will lead to eating better again.

Not a diet, but simply that the lack of constant events with snacks and desserts and drinking removes the constant temptation to have just one more gingerbread cookie.

At least, that's the theory.

Mostly, I just trust myself to be too cheap and too lazy to buy or make anything too decadent just for myself.

I just naturally swing back toward a more balanced diet.

Usually. Let's just say that after this first week of the year, all bets are clearly off.

You know how you should never go grocery shopping hungry because you'll buy more than you need and often junkier options?

Yeah...I shouldn't shop stressed and anxious either.

But that's how the first week of the new year shook out and now I'm dealing with the consequences.


Those consequences come in the form of somehow having no fresh fruits or vegetables in the house, but a vast quality of frozen pizzas, bags of chips, and boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

So yeah, hopefully my next grocery shop is more...sane.

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