People Are Using Plastic Wrap On Their Christmas Trees For An Easy Storage Hack

One of the most beloved Christmas traditions is putting up the Christmas tree. As much as I love doing that, I have to admit I wish there were a faster way to do it. It takes me a few good hours to put up the tree and dress it up the way I like it.

And then, after the holiday season, I pretty much dread having to take it down. What if there was a better way? As it turns out, there is thanks to one hack that's going viral.

Recently, one woman posted a picture of her idea for storing a Christmas tree, and it sparked a lot of interest online.

Why? It's because she wraps her entire tree, including all the decorations, in cling wrap to store it away until next season.

Say what? I know what you must be thinking: "Why didn't I think of that?" Ha, ha!

I mean, it makes perfect sense. Doesn't it? Why go through all the trouble of putting it up and then taking it down?

This way sounds a lot easier. Are you with me on that?

Not only can you save some precious time, but you can have your tree up a lot earlier. Every year I promise myself that I will put my tree up a few weeks before Christmas.

Then, every year, I fail. Ha, ha! What's my excuse? I run out of time.

Don't get me wrong, I have all good intentions, but I usually have to work extra before the holidays. That fact prevents me from getting the tree up as early as I would like.

So if you're like me, you must have your ears perked up right about now. Am I right?

Doesn't this idea sound like a way better solution for busy folks like us? I've got to admit that it has me thinking alright.

Okay, so how does that work, you ask?

Well, I've watched a few videos on the process, and people seem to start from the top. It's easier, as the tree is thinner at the top. Then you just keep going down, wrapping the tree in plastic as you go.

It might be helpful to have somebody do it with you.

They can assist you in pushing the branches slightly up so you can wrap the tree tightly. It also helps to ensure that you don't break any ornaments in the process.

Once you have the tree all nicely wrapped up, you can easily move it to where you would like to store it away.

If you have a storage room or a garage, that may be the best place for it. You'll need enough space to keep the tree upright for the year.

Then when it comes time to put it up again, just unwrap it, and voilà — you are done, ha, ha!

OMG, isn't that so genius or what? Would you do this to save time? Or do you enjoy the process of putting everything up from scratch more?