14+ People Who Got What They Deserved

No one likes to be on the receiving end of the phrase, "What goes around comes around," as it is often being said smugly after you have been caught doing something you shouldn't have been.

However, to prove it is not just you who karma seems to be keeping a watchful eye on, here are 17+ times people got what they deserved!

"I told my husband I just wanted some 'sh**ty earrings' for Christmas. He delivered..."

I never thought that I would be so envious of poop jewellery before, and yet here we are.

"A little friendly reminder from my wife..."

When it comes to a decision like this you need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons. On one hand you die which is kind of a bummer...but, you know, doing the dishes sucks.

A Serious Warning!

I suppose the test of a good warning sign is how quickly and effectively it can seriously warn you against doing something. And, by God, this is concise and effective!

"Don't go back, Brandy! You deserve better."

It is particularly unlikely for Brandy to go back to him when you consider that the reason she left in the first place was due to the ridiculous amount he was spending on signs.

"I'm pretty sure my mom will never again ask my help with putting away the nativity scene."

Ah, the old do-a-job-terribly-and-therefore-never-get-asked-to-do-it-again scheme! I'm very familiar with this, it's a classic scheme that my old roommate used to try and pull all the damn time.

"How could you punish this kid?"

This is just what you get for being a great parent! know...hooray?

"An Actual Obituary in My Local Paper. What a Legend."

I can only hope that I get an equally comedic and bleak obituary when I snuff it...hopefully in a glamorous and dramatic manner, like being crushed by a giant glittering heart emoji.

"Texas' DoT got jokes...'

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout or drive while high, 'cause Santa Claus is watching you drive!

"$100 in singles individually wrapped for my brother."

I think that the joke may well be on the person who pulled this prank, mainly due to the fact that they had to wrap all of these damn bills!

I'm Not Sure If This Is Allowed...

I think that, regardless of whether they meant to write this or not, this would definitely keep people off the property.

*Sighs In Parseltongue*

I mean, if you're managing to get tricked by a snake over the internet then God help you. I know they're cunning and all but they don't have fingers to use the keyboard!

"It was just a slight error...while getting to success..."

It was written right there on the side of the damn wagon! Although, I'm not sure if I would necessarily class just going under a bridge as a shortcut.

"Outside an off-strip casino in Las Vegas..."

I've lost a car before when going to a casino, but that's just because I'm terrible at blackjack which is marginally less embarrassing than this...right?

"The resort I'm staying at knows how to punish parents..."

Look, free double espressos and puppies seems like a great policy, but I just don't know if they'll give them to me without a child in play?

"Church had its air conditioning units stolen..."

Stealing is a pretty fast way to secure a place in Hell, but stealing from a church is just showing off to Satan how badly you want that place!

"As opposed to...?"

I'd be curious to see the chicken that they are getting these drumsticks from if this is a necessary caveat for the packaging.

"Damn bro, how bad did you mess up?!"

Maybe this guy's partner just likes lots of really big flowers...dear God, I hope that is the case for his sake.


Look, putting a sign up like this is just asking for trouble really! Also, don't be such a dumpster hog...if that is a thing.

"Evil must be punished!"

I've been saying this for years...I think? I'm not sure if I have actually, wine makes it hard to remember.

"The trophy you get for completing 2020!"

I feel like everyone should get a trophy for 2020 simply for surviving Gal Godot-and-co's tone-deaf Imagine cover.