15+ Moments That Prove There’s Still Humor Left In This Cold World

This world can seem like a cold, cold place at times...and that's not just because it is winter. But, there are people out there who try to inject a little humor and warmth into this world despite this.

So, please enjoy these 15+ moments that prove there's still humor left in this cold world!

"You know you work in a classy place when someone takes the time to print and laminate their snarky comment."

Wow, I felt this one, and so did my frail, crumbling form that I call a body. I wish my body would stop thanking me with unsettling cracks and pains.

"Wait wha..."

I mean, they have circled this one, but "Mr.Oyster" and "McDonald's Best Friend" are far from perfect as well! Mr. Oyster is also the name of my DJ alter ego.

"Gotta love a sign with props."

This sign is also a great deterrent for if you have a problem with pigeons pooping all over the front of your store, it will scare the other ones off.

"Found this on the fridge..."

"Hey, boy, do you want some turkey? Do you want some turkey do ya? Okay, well you can have a little bit I suppose, especially for being so good about getting a bath!"

*Gobble gobble...


"'Write congrats on them' (two cakes)..."

At least the cake looks delicious...right? I mean, who doesn't love pink icing, even if it is inaccurate pink icing!

"Posted the sign, boss..."

I cannot advise that you use the hand fertilizer. I've got potatoes sprouting from my fingers now and it's a real drag, let me tell you!

"Sir, I'm pretty sure this is just a domestic flight."

"Sir, could you put your oxygen mask on please?"

"What? Why? Isn't this the flight to Hawaii?"

", we're off to Mars. Well, better hold your breath!"

"An out of control freezer."

This is why you should always make sure that you train your freezer properly as a young pup, otherwise they can grow up to be out of control and dangerous.

"Thanks for letting us know..."

I think that it is especially unsettling that they put quotes around the word "mirror." It is as though they know that this mirror is cursed but they don't want to admit to having a cursed gateway mirror. Classic.

"One space was all [that] was needed."

These pay-stations are getting a little too intimate for my liking, I think that I'll stick to paying with cash.

"His demons keep him company..."

I've yet to meet a chihuahua who isn't a demonic being. Someone also added, "My chihuahua feels especially emboldened when I'm near, like I'm supposed to back him up or something."

"There was an attempt to write Welcome in the floor using stone inlay."

And yet, the thing that annoys me most about this is the fact that the "o" is slightly shorter than the rest of the letters. I really need to get proper things to be bothered about.

And Lo...The Landlord Raised!

I feel like this reads as though it is a translation of a strange Celtic poem uncovered from thousands of years ago.

"Local food place asks my name and every time it's different — my name is Yvette..."

My personal favorite is "Yeveet"! And, I would absolutely be going to get my name changed to that at the soonest possible moment!

"Ah yes, skateboard..."

"Dave, do you know what a skateboard is?"

"Yeah...why do you ask?"

"Well, these are roller blades."

"Oh, haha, yeah of course! Silly me, skateboards are the ones with...propellers?"

The Best Way To Drive!

Wait, is this not how people drive? I always make sure that I have a good supply of cakes when I am on a long drive...or doing anything really.

"My local church put this up recently..."

You really would have thought that people who work for a church would be able to spell Genesis.

"Michael wave for sale on Facebook marketplace..."

This microwave has actually been possessed by the demonic soul of one Michael Wave, a man who was killed by a microwave as a teenager and is out for revenge on an unfair world. Coming to a cinema near you.

"If you say so Santa!"

Wow, looks like 2020 really took its toll on Santa as well. Come on, Santa, it's not all bad...I think?

"We're not even a week in!"

Pfft, what is really more important, a flimsy resolution aiming for a better life or a fleeting moment of elation thanks to fatty junk food?