People Are Upcycling Vintage Troll Dolls Into Quirky Planters

Remember the Troll dolls of old? Those delightfully weird toys were a staple of childhoods for decades.

Well, get ready to feel some real nostalgia, everyone. Troll dolls are back, and they're better than ever. Why? Because they're home decor now!

I bet you didn't see this coming.

It's actually cute, right? I know! I was surprised and delighted_ to see that Troll doll planters are adorable and functional at the same time! This purple guy is delightful.

You can even make a whole Troll doll family if you want.

Honestly, those baby Trolls are adorable. I can't help but laugh at their spiky plant hair!

Etsy is THE place to be if you want one of these little creatures.

A few shops feature some truly cute dolls with their heads modified to accommodate planter hair.

Each one of these is available from CuriosityKilledCarl on Etsy for $20! I want the front one.

Some sellers have cast the Troll Dolls in cement!

I love how cool this looks! Rather than modifying the dolls, this person made a mold of the doll and filled it with cement, creating a little cement doll planter!

They have terracotta, too!

No matter how you like your doll, there's a style for you. You can get your stone Troll Doll planters from mossystoneshop on Etsy!

So, what novelty planter would you want to buy? I'm thinking a Stitch-shaped one...