The Internet Is Roasting Jennifer Lopez's Aerosmith Cover

Jennifer Lopez is known for being a pop princess. A dancing diva. A soulful songstress. A real Jenny from the Block, if you will.

So when the 51-year-old took on the bold task of covering an iconic Aerosmith song, the haters just HAD TO MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN!

One day these haters will regret their wrongful ways and Ms. Lopez will be respected for the icon she IS!

If you tuned into Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve this year, you'd know how empty Times Square looked this year.

It was so weird!

Thankfully, the performances were just as FIRE as they always are!

Jennifer Lopez brought the house down with her amazing NYE performance.

She looked incredible, sounded amazing, and danced her booty off.

Long story short it was another PHENOMENAL JLO performance.

However, there was one part of the performance that left some viewers less than impressed.

While covering Aerosmith's "Dream On" social media began speculating that the brunette bombshell wasn't the most vocally aquipped to sing the iconic song.

"Steven Tyler and Aerosmith needs to file an assault charge on Jennifer Lopez for destroying Dream On like that on Dick Clark..." tweeted @MovesLikeRoy.

"Jennifer Lopez singing Dream On managed to make 2020 worse than it already was. I guess it wasn't too late," agreed @kristinayouaw.

"She looked amazing but kinda should have left Dream On alone...although I give her props for hitting the high notes," pointed out @NOWHEREGIRL55.

Well hey, at least she looked undeniably amazing!

What do you think of JLO's performance? Let us know in the comments below!