15+ Strange Ideas That Might Actually Be Kind Of Genius

Every now and then, we can find ourselves caught up in some major hype. Even though it's probably the best way to ensure we'll be disappointed when the thing we're excited about does finally see release, that doesn't make it any easier to resist everyone else's enthusiasm.

But whether we're talking about Star Wars Episode I or Cyberpunk 2077, the road from hype to disappointment is a well-traveled one. Yet after it all dies down, we can often find that the really impressive releases will quietly change the game and we'll only realize years down the road.

And while it's too early to decide which of the ideas we're about to see will be the ahead-of-its-time sleeper hit and which will be the big disappointment, I doubt that all of them are doomed to strike out.

Somebody was looking for a handy way to dry out their shoes and I'm not sure I could find a better way to do that in a pinch than this.

I'm not sure how well it will work but it's hard to deny that attaching a hair dryer to to this PVC piping was a pretty inventive idea.

While a group of friends were walking through the mountains, they found this strange wood carving.

It's unclear why somebody left this behind or whether they event meant to leave it here, but it takes some talent to make such a striking likeness.

I'll be really curious if it turns out this isn't the only one they've left lying around.

This guy was able to make a boat out of the cap from his truck but not everyone was so impressed by his ingenuity.

According to the uploader what we're seeing here is his reaction to a neighbor telling him his creation is illegal.

As we can see, he didn't exactly let that deter him.

You're likely to hit your share of roundabouts if you travel to the U.K. and that apparently doesn't stop once you take to the seas.

At least, it seems that it doesn't in Birmingham as this aquatic roundabout is here to keep canal boats on course to get where they're going in an orderly fashion.

Life can get a little tougher when we break a bone or sprain a joint, but it doesn't have to be all bad.

Using some zip ties and some old desert camouflage pants, this person was able to make a pouch for one of their crutches that they use to hold their cell phone or a beer.

Obviously, that depends on the situation they're in.

While the idea was certainly nice in this case, it's the execution that's actually the most impressive part of this photo.

Because anyone can suggest wiring this light-up mirror to a plug-in converter so it doesn't use so many batteries, but only a select few can make that idea work as well as this.

Since this metal rod was poking out of the back of this truck, its driver needed a flag for it.

It may be a little tough to identify in this position but they ended up using the clip-on tie that they use for work as a security guard.

And since they went with a clip-on so that anyone they're throwing out of a building can't use their tie as leverage, it turned out to be a smart investment for a couple of reasons.

I'll give this person one thing, they definitely got creative after their pot lid apparently came off.

That said, I can only hope that this fork was already kind of bent when they started because it'll probably never be the same again.

If someone shows you an example of "redneck engineering," it's generally a safe bet that it will either involve duct tape, zip ties, or a car jack.

After all, the right way to keep something in place depends a lot on what what it's failing to do.

In this case, this sink kept drooping away from the counter so the jack was the right choice.

Although it's unclear what led this person to suddenly need an emergency replacement for their wheel bearing's dust cover, they were able to improvise pretty admirably.

As we can see, their little problem was nothing that a peeled beer can couldn't fix.

It's almost good enough to make me not want to put them in pun jail for describing this as "engine-newity."


This is one of those things that we see and wonder why nobody else thought of it until now.

If you're not sure what I'm referring to, the mirrors in this hotel's bathrooms are apparently heated so they don't fog up when someone takes a shower.

Unfortunately, we can sometimes find that we get our best ideas at the worst possible time.

For instance, a dentist thought of putting this ball pit in their office for the kids to enjoy while they're waiting.

However, they seemed to do this at a time when we're immensely concerned about who else touched the things we come into contact with. So I doubt it sees much use nowadays.

If you asked me how to give this room a desk lamp, there's no way my solution would be as quick or as creative as this one.

Apparently, the uploader balanced a powerful Christmas light on the side of their bunk bed by dangling from the handle of a suitcase.


This might not look like much but it would come as a big help when we awaken with a start during the night.

Basically, it's a glow in the dark light switch that prevents us from having to fumble in the dark and potentially knock over the lamp we're trying to use.

At many gas stations, you'll likely find yourself relying on the kindness of someone like this.

Because while it's apparently not unheard of for these places to label the button that mutes the ads this screen displays, a lot more of them simply force you to guess.

Not today, though.

Although it's really only useful in the early stages in the pencil's life, this built-in ruler is still a pretty neat idea.

After all, if people are going to try and measure things with pencils anyway, they might as well do so with some precision.

As this person proudly declared, "I built a solar-powered paddlewheel for my canoe."

And really, who wouldn't be proud of bringing an idea like this to life? Especially when all you need to power it is sunlight.

I especially love the realization that the paddles are made of cut-up bucket.

When the lid detached from one of their kids' water bottles, the uploader found a simple solution to keep the tyke from losing the pieces.

As we can see here, that ring was the perfect way to let that securing strap do the same job it had before.

And now they know what to do if the other bottle faces a similar break.

Considering that half the point of these traffic cones is to attract attention, I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising that a street vendor would want them as well.

I just hope they didn't take them from any ongoing situation that passers-by would need to be aware of.

I'm not exactly keen to buy anything from someone who was indirectly responsible for a pothole shredding my car.

If you're wondering what's so special about this guy that he gets this area all to himself, you're paying quite the compliment to the artist.

That's because we're not looking at a person at all, but rather a statue at the Orlando Airport depicting a weary traveler.

It's pretty lifelike, isn't it?

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