Husband Wonders If He Was Wrong To Laugh At Pregnant Wife's Baby Name Suggestion

When it comes down to naming our children, we want to make sure that the names are meaningful and also unique. The last thing someone wants is their child being the fifth Sarah or Alex in their class. Coming up with a unique name is sometimes hard without having it seem "strange" or "weird" to others.

Once we do come up with our baby names, the last thing we want is for someone to mock us.

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Naming our children is a special and joyous decision, one that we definitely don't want to be mocked or ridiculed for.

Recently, one husband wrote into Reddit after admitting he "laughed" at his wife's baby name choice.

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Of all people to laugh or mock your baby name choice, the last person you'd expect it to be is your husband.

The husband said that his wife is very proud of her Egyptian roots.

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So, when the two found out they were expecting, they began to discuss baby names. His wife wanted to honor her culture in the baby names discussion.

The two began discussing baby names back and forth.

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"I inputted some names of mine, like Arthur (after my grandfather) if it was a boy, or perhaps Rosemary (my dead mother's name) if it was a girl, my wife respectfully listened to some of my names but it was clear she did not like them, which is her right as a mother and the carrier of my child, so I asked her for her ideas," he said.

His wife had a lot of cultural ideas for baby names.

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"I could tell she wanted an Egyptian name for our child because she listed some names of the gods such as Ra, Osiris, I listened with a straight face and interest but then I started laughing when she mentioned the name Isis if the child is a girl, after the goddess," he said.

This is where the husband "began to laugh."

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"Now I know why she chose the name, I am not that dumb, but I do not approve of that name as it is frowned upon here in America, where we currently live and planned our future in (I do not have to explain why, because you would already know)," he explained.

It's really about where they currenty live.

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"I'm sure in Egypt it is a common name but again, we do not live there and not many Americans are familiar with the meaning of the name, only associating it with the terrorists," he said.

He then explained that his wife was "very angry."

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"My wife clearly did not like the fact that I was laughing at the name, but I told her that she should have known that picking a name like that for our child is not the smartest choice," he added.

His wife did not take it well.

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"She is calling me an asshole for laughing at the name because it could suit well for our child if it turns out to be a girl, but I had to put my foot down as the father and tell her under no circumstances can we name our child [Isis]," he said.

He asked the Reddit community if he was wrong for feeling this way and for "laughing" at her choice.

Many people on Reddit said while his feelings were rational, his delivery was totally wrong.

"You shouldn’t have laughed. Laughing at your wife is disrespectful. And you pretty much laughed at a name that has a lot of significance in a culture you claim to respect. Also 'put my foot down as a father'?! You’re being ridiculous.

"That being said you are right. It would be a terrible idea to name your kid that in America. The kid would get looks, get picked on when at school, you as parents and even the kid would probably face discrimination and racism," one person said on Reddit.

Others agreed, saying his reaction was wrong.

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"You definitely shouldn't name your daughter Isis, but you should have just explained it to your wife instead of laughing at her," another added.

One person added that the husband is direspecting others, too.

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"Laughing was disrespectful. Also, she wasn’t suggesting naming your child ISIS (all caps, acronym) the terrorist org, she suggested Isis, the girl’s name. There are actually a lot of girls named that in America. It isn’t common here, but not completely unheard of," someone said.

However, some said that the wife is a bit "off" in her cultural roots.

"Full-blooded Egyptian here, nobody in Egypt names their kids that stuff. You’ll get laughed at. And I don’t know why she thinks giving her daughter the same name as a terrorist organization is a good idea. I’d laugh too," one Reddit user added.

Others said the wife has "lost touch with her roots."

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"No one in Egypt gives their children the names of the Egyptian gods like Osiris or Isis. People give them either Muslim or Christian names, depending on their religion. Your wife must [have] lost touch with her roots. This is super bizarre," one person added.

What do you think? Was this husband wrong to laugh at his wife's idea?

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