15+ People Share Weird Encounters They've Had With Celebrities

Many of us would love to meet our favorite celebs in person, but these meetings don't always go according to plan.

There are many people out there who have run into celebrities in the real world, and while many of the encounters are good or fun, some are just kind of weird or unexpected.

Here we have 10+ people who share their weirdest celebrity encounters.

This individual who was complimented by Gerard Butler.

This woman talks about how she was working doing makeup on set and encountered Gerard Butler.

He told her that she "had a beautiful face" and he then winked at her.

This is the kind of interaction many people dream of with such a handsome celeb.

Danny DeVito bought this person a drink at Coachella.

While at Coachella, this person was waiting to watch Florence and the Machine and was getting a drink.

Next thing they knew, a man walked up to her and said, "Hey sweetheart, how's it going?" He then offered her a drink.

The man was Danny DeVito, and he bought her a margarita!

Britney Spears provided a listening ear.

Many celebrities are caring people who worry about others around them, too.

A person on Reddit shared how they ran into Britney Spears in Chicago after having a hard day and crying.

"I turn around and it's her! She asked if I was okay and did I need an ear for 5 minutes. I shared my woes in the shortest sentence ever and got an actual big hug from her."

This person explained *Star Wars* in front of George Lucas.

While working at a Disney store in Chicago, this Tik Tok user was talking about The Force Awakens to a customer. The movie wasn't out yet, so they were doing their best to explain the little they knew about the film.

They then turned around and realized that George Lucas had been there hearing him explain Star Wars.

Idina Menzel acted like a bit of a diva.

Of course, all of these stories have to be taken with a grain of salt as they are relayed by someone over the internet.

However, this person on Reddit explained how they met Idina Menzel while working at a venue in college.

She apparently was late and had many demands for food and for the green room.

One person sat next to Natalie Portman at a college graduation.

During a college graduation ceremony, this person ended up sitting next to no other than Natalie Portman. They noted that she was absolutely gorgeous but that she was also eating a somewhat strange snack.

"She brought a snack with her, some grapes in a cup. She ate them with a spoon."

This person went to beauty school with Mariah Carey.

We often forget that celebrities had lives before they were famous.

This Tik Tok user explained how she went to cosmetology school with Mariah Carey in the '80s.

She talked about how Mariah would often sing her songs for them, but this was back before she had taken off as a star.

This woman saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively cut a line.

While at Disneyland when she was 14 years old, she was waiting in line for the Soaring Over California ride.

Apparently, it was Leo's favorite ride, and he wanted to be in the front and center of the ride for the best experience.

One lucky person was on a long flight with Harry Styles.

While on a trip from the United States to London, this person noticed a man who looked like Harry Styles, but it turned out it really was Harry Styles.

He was then on an eight-hour flight with him which sounds like something out of fanfiction.

Jim Carrey helped with car troubles.

Having car trouble is never fun, but being helped by a celebrity is kind of cool.

This redditor talked about how Jim Carrey gave them a ride to a gas station after their car ran out of gas in Bel-Air.

They also said that he was super nice and paid for the gas!

This person met Diane Keaton at a store.

Sometimes, we don't even think about how most celebrities do normal daily things, too, such as go to the store.

Mundane celebrity meetings can seem strange because they seem so out of place.

For example, this person was just hanging out at the Gap when they ran into Diane Keaton.

Ryan Gosling covered parking costs for this lucky person.

Another person on Reddit shared a strange but good experience they had with a celeb.

They ran into Ryan Gosling in a parking garage, and Gosling joked about the high cost of parking. Gosling then went ahead and covered the cost for the man and his friends.

Bill Murray loves playing bartender wherever he goes.

One of Bill Murray's calling cards is tending bar whenever and wherever he can.

Recently, he was pouring shots all night long in his son's eating establishment in Brooklyn. Bottoms up, Bill!

Sir Patrick Stewart is a thespian at heart.

Sir Patrick is always happy to entertain comic book fans and Trekkies, but his passion is the stage.

After a young server mentioned that she'd enjoyed Patrick's performance in Hamlet, he spent the next hour discussing the theater with her.

Alec Baldwin once rescued a group of stranded boaters.

This Reddit user recalls a time when they and a group of friends got their fishing lines tangled up in the motor of their boat.

Alec came to their rescue and got them to a phone in order to call the Coast Guard.

Bruce Willis played nine holes with a random group on the golf course.

If I ever got the opportunity to hit the links with John McClane, I'd freaking lose it.

After the golf was done, Bruce bought everyone a round of drinks!

Conan O'Brien once stopped to chat with fans he met on the street.

The King of Late Night TV isn't too humble to stop and greet his happy subjects on the street.

Even in the midst of The Tonight Show controversy, Conan was as charming as could be.

Wayne Brady made a fan's dreams come true at Disney World.

Anyone who grew up watching Chappelle's Show is well aware of Wayne Brady's hilarious cameo.

A fan called out to Wayne to get him to quote the episode, to which Wayne replied, "Is Wayne Brady going to have to get out of this car and choke a [expletive]?"

No shirt, no shoes, no problem for Matthew McConaughey.

One fan recalls walking into a Whole Foods store, only to see a man with a grizzly beard and no shoes being asked to leave.

As it turns out, it was none other than Matthew McConaughey.

Robin Williams was always up for a great comic book dicussion.

I had no idea that Robin was a comic book nerd — I didn't think it was possible to love him even more than I already do!

He once talked shop with a fan in a book store for 30 minutes.

Gordon Ramsay isn't as mean as he appears to be on TV.

Thank goodness for that, am I right?

A lucky Reddit user approached the Michelin star chef in a bar in South Africa. After confessing that they were a fan, Gordon offered to buy them a drink.

Viggo Mortensen makes a great dinner guest.

Viggo befriended the manager at one of his favorite restaurants and began having dinners with the staff.

After some time had passed, he began bringing gifts for everyone at the table.

Aaron Paul channeled Jesse Pinkman for a fan at a concert.

The only thing that could make Aaron Paul agreeing to take a photo with you at a concert any cooler would be if he called you a [expletive].

This is precisely what happened to this Reddit user.

Don't you dare I.D. Shia LaBeouf.

A local gas station attendant was working during the time that Shia was in town shooting Lawless.

When Shia went up to pay for his cigarettes, the clerk had the audacity to ask him for I.D. — Shia wasn't happy.

Shaq bought a fan a brand new computer.

A fan approached the legendary former NBA superstar to offer condolences over the death of his sister and Kobe Bryant.

Shaq was so moved by the stranger's kindness that he bought him the most expensive laptop in the store.

Jason Alexander is a big fan of water slides.

Jason was spotted standing in line to ride the water slides at Canada's Wonderland. Fans asked for a picture, which Jason politely declined due to the fact that he was with his children.

If it were me, I would have screamed, "I was in the pool!" as loudly as possible.

Topher Grace is a sucker for karaoke.

Topher and the cast of Predators stumbled into a karaoke bar one night in Austin.

The former sitcom star asked the waitress if she sang, and the two began a duet of Pretenders' "Brass In Pocket."

Don't call Jared "Mr. Padalecki."

Jared was approached by a group of fans working in a restaurant for a photo, who referred to him as "Mr. Padalecki."

He agreed, but only on the condition that they call him Jared — how down to earth is that?!

This Reddit user claims Oprah didn't tip them.

While working their job as waitstaff at a restaurant, this person had spent two hours waiting on Oprah. The bill for the meal was $200, but this individual alleges that Oprah didn't tip them anything.

Instead, she signed her name on a napkin.

Hugh Jackman helped this woman after she fainted.

While in high school, this person went to Times Square while on a choir field trip.

One of her classmates fainted while on the stairs, and an adult offered to help carry her away from the crowds and help her.

It turns out that the adult was Hugh Jackman!

This man almost knocked the hat off of Queen Elizabeth.

While in Toronto back in 1971, this Twitter user was just 14 years old.

He was climbing a tree, as many young people like to do, when Queen Elizabeth came up to inspect an honor guard near him.

He was so close to her he could have accidentally kicked her hat off.