10+ TV Show Scenes That Gave Us A Ton Of Anxiety

There have been so many great television series over the past couple of decades and across many genres. And, while we all have our favorite moments on television that we love to watch over and over, other scenes were just too stressful.

Whether we were worried about our favorite characters or just genuinely scared, these 10+ TV show scenes gave us a ton of anxiety.

When Margaery tries to evacuate the sept on *GOT...*


There were many moments that stressed fans out on Game of Thrones, and there was always the fear that something would happen to beloved characters.

One of the most intense moments is when Cersei is about to blow the sept up and Margaery tries to evacuate everyone to no avail.

The 90 second scene on *Chernobyl*


Chernobyl had so many stressful moments, especially because it was based on real-life events.

In the scene where each individual had 90 seconds to clear as much debris as possible from the roof, fans were filled with anxiety especially after one of the men tripped.

Shawn trying to save a patient in the basement on *The Good Doctor.*


During the episode "Hurt" in season three, an earthquake occurs and Shawn is left with a patient named Vera who was impaled from the rubble.

He is trying to help her when the aftershocks of the earthquake breaks water pipes and the room begins to fill up with water.

The scene was super stressful as one bad thing kept happening after the other.

Brooke drowning in *One Tree Hill.*

Being stuck in a car that's underwater is a truly terrifying thought, so many fans were extremely anxious watching Brooke drown on One Tree Hill.

Julian was looking desperately for a crowbar to save her. Luckily, she survived the ordeal, but it was still hard to watch.

The Scott's Tots sequence on *The Office.*

This plot wasn't stressful because it was scary or creepy, but it is hard to watch because it's so cringe.

Many fans can barely re-watch this episode because seeing Michael Scott tell a bunch of high schoolers that he lied about paying for their college is so uncomfortable.

When Perry attacks Celeste on *Big Little Lies*...


Big Little Lies did a great job of showing how awful Perry was slowly as the first season unrivaled.

This all culminated in the scene where he attacks his wife, Celeste, on the stairs and the other women come to help her. It's super stressful as fans were worried about Celeste especially.

Jon Snow suffocating on *Game of Thrones.*


This scene reflects what it can feel like to be in a state of panic both literally and emotionally.

Seeing Jon Snow struggle under the weight of dozens of men during The Battle of the Bastards stressed out many viewers as they were also worried about the character.

Sherlock being forced to jump off the hospital roof.


In the BBC series Sherlock, Moriarty has Sherlock cornered on a roof and tells him he has to jump off or that John, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrange will all be killed.

Fans were filled with anxiety as they watched this all play out, and it was definitely one of the most suspenseful moments from the series.

Joyce trying to save Hopper on *Stranger Things.*

There are many stressful moments on Stranger Things, but one of the most intense was when Hopper was fighting Grigori while Joyce was trying to save him. She needed to push the button in order to keep Hopper from being incinerated.

These kind of drawn-out moments where lives are at stake are often hard to watch.

On *Hannibal*, when Will and Hannibal are captured by Mason Verger.


In the episode "Digestivo," Hannibal and Will are captured by Mason Verger and brought to Muskrat farms where Verger intends to take the skin from Will's face to use to cover his own scars.

It's a disturbing premise, and the mood of the episode makes things extremely creepy even if Will Graham doesn't end up losing his face.

Nish visiting the Black Museum on _Black Mirror._

This entier episode was extremely anxiety-inducing. The Black Museum itself is basically a place of horrors, and viewers were worried about the character of Nish. At nearly every moment, it felt like her life was in grave danger.

Thankfully, she makes it out all right and ends up giving Rolo, the owner of the museum, what he deserves.

Brennan and Hodgins being buried alive on *Bones.*


Watching characters be suffocated in this way is really upsetting, and fans who were claustrophobic definitely had a hard time watching.

Every moment felt rather grueling, and it isn't a moment that most fans want to re-watch given how stressful it was.

Cristina doing an operation at gunpoint.


There is no shortage of heart-racing scenes on Grey's Anatomy, and fans are often on the edge of their seats.

One of the worst for many fans was when Cristina had to operate on Derek while held at a gunpoint. While Derek lived, it's really hard to watch.

The "get on your feet" scene in *Parks and Recreation.*

While in one way this scene is quite funny, it's also very cringe-worthy making it hard to watch for some fans.

Leslie Knope and her friends try and fail over and over to make it from the ice to the podium in the middle of the rink, and it's super awkward.

The scene when Negan kills Glenn.

There was a lot of lead-up to this scene, and fans were super stressed about who Negan was going to kill.

When he used his baseball bat, Lucille, to take out Glenn, fans were extremely upset. The events before this moment were super suspenseful, and Glenn was a well-loved character that fans hated to see die.