Jill Duggar Reveals She Doesn't Let Her Kids Believe In Santa

Anyone who watched the TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting knows the Duggar family lives their life by a very strict set of rules.

However, as the Duggar children have grown up, they have been calling the shots in their own lives.

However, some traditions still don't fly for daughter Jill, who doesn't allow her children to believe in Santa.

It's no secret that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have raised (and continue to raise) their 19 children in an incredibly strict household.

The couple identifies as devout independent Baptists and holds their beliefs very near to their hearts.

However, as their children have gotten older, some have rebelled against their ultra-conservative upbringing.

Fans will remember the total social media frenzy Jinger started after she posted an Instagram picture with her family (after moving to California) while rocking a TANK TOP and JEANS!

Of course, Duggar girls weren't allowed to show their shoulders or wear jeans or shorts, so this moment was huge for Jinger!

Duggar daughter Jill is also no stranger to sharing her more progressive life on social media, even causing an uproar when she enjoyed an alcoholic piña colada on date night with her husband, Derick.

When snapping a selfie with Derick on their date night, fans noticed Jill had a fancy li'l drink at her table.

When someone asked Jill in the comments if it was a "regular or virgin" drink, Jill replied it was "regular."

While some fans were happy for Jill, others were unhappy she was turning away from her traditional upbringing.

However, there are some beliefs that Jill grew up with that she just can't shake, like the tradition of not "doing" Santa Claus.

I know, right?!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone participates in the beloved tradition of SANTA!

As Duggar fans will know, the family celebrates Christmas as a religious holiday without a Santa Claus, with all emphasis being placed on the birth of Jesus.

Jill and her husband, Derick, chatted about their take on Santa in a new YouTube video.

In the video, the pair explain that they don't "do" Santa but that their kids are aware of the jolly old man and enjoy him in movies.

Jill also emphasizes that she tells their children not to tell their peers about Santa being fake.

Derick explained how he doesn't want his children to question the Gospel and Jesus when they grow up in the same way they would question the validity of Santa Claus.

"It's important to think about how it lands on a child," he emphasized.

"We want to be open and honest with them from the beginning," he continued.

"We have fun, and we're not totally against it," Jill chimed in.

"We're still figuring it out, kind of."

The video's comment section quickly became filled with discussion.

"Derrick... you are way overthinking this! ROFL," commented one fan.

"You can tell Jill hates it when Derick interrupts," commented another.

"You teach them the difference between God & Santa they are only kids once !! Yes kids are different but when they are little I don’t think you will damage them just my opinion," chimed in another fan.

It's an interesting conversation for sure!

What do you think of Jill's decision to not "do" Santa? Let us know in the comments below!