Alec Baldwin Responds To Allegations His Wife Hilaria Has Been 'Pretending' To Be Spanish

If you're like me, you have been consuming this Hilaria/Hilary Baldwin conspiracy like a glass of cold water after a night of Christmas drinking.

If you haven't been keeping up, I'm more than happy to walk you through one of the most insane stories of 2020 because this year DOES NOT QUIT!

Last week, Hilaria Baldwin found herself knee-deep in a social media ~investigation~ of her past.

It's common knowledge that Hilaria claimed to have Spanish roots before marrying Alec Baldwin back in 2012.

In addition to saying English is her second language, the 36-year-old has had a mysterious and inconsistent Spanish accent after claiming to have been born in Mallorca, Spain.

This video clip of Hilaria asking how to pronounce "cucumber" in English has been going viral.

The alleged fabricated roots come after the realization that Hilaria, born Hilary, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, with no Spanish lineage on either side of her family.

Pictures of her American parents have been popping up across the Internet.

Another incriminating video shows Hilaria claiming she moved to America when she was 19.

This clip is from the Mom Truths podcast she filmed in April 2020.

If you can believe it, this gets EVEN MESSIER!

In an effort to defend herself, Hilaria took to social media to essentially blame everyone but herself.

"A bit about me. I’ve seen chatter online questioning my identity and culture. This is something I take very seriously, and for those who are asking — I’ll reiterate my story, as I’ve done many times before,” she wrote.

"I was born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain. My parents and sibling live in Spain and I chose to live here, in the USA," she continued.

"We celebrate both cultures in our home — Alec [Baldwin] and I are raising our children bilingual, just as I was raised. This is very important to me. I understand that my story is a little different, but it is mine, and I’m very proud of it.”

Addressing her disappearing accent, Hilaria said she is just ~one of those people~ who do that.

"I am that person, if I’ve been speaking a lot of Spanish, I tend to mix them or if I’m speaking a lot of English I mix that, it’s one of those things I’ve always been insecure about," she claimed.

"Yes, I am a white girl. I am a white girl. Let's be very clear that Europe has a lot of white people in there and my family is white," she said in an Instagram video.

After making a series of confusing Instagram videos, her husband, Alec, is responding to the allegations that his wife has been appropriating Spanish culture.

Alec shared a video on Instagram in defense of his wife, alleging that the claims about Hilaria are made-up internet conspiracies. "You have to consider the source," he said.

"We live in a world now where we're hidden behind the anonymity of social media, people feel that they can say anything," he continued, without getting into any specifics.

The actor followed up the video with a photo post of a quote the next day that said, "Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they're worthy. Tell them they're incredible. Be a light in a too often dim world."

However, it seems one photo post wasn't enough as the actor later doubled down on his defense of his wife.

Posting a Mark Twain quote, the post read: "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on his shoes."

Alec's latest post was a video of birds flying in the sky, with the caption "Flying away for a bit..."

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