Quotes About Husbands That Have Us Saying 'Yep, That's Him'

Hey everybody, it's our favorite time of the week! That's right, it's time to vent about our husbands by reading relatable quotes about husbands online so we can laugh at those quotes instead of actually blowing up at our husbands in real life!

Yes, there's nothing quite like bonding with other spouses everywhere while enjoying some hilarious husband-related quotes that simultaneously make you feel seen and not so alone.

If you've got a man at home who's been making you a little extra annoyed lately, I think you're really going to like these quotes.

Time to get my steps in, I guess.

One time he tried to explain to me that the reason he parks so far away is so that no one will park beside us, and therefore there's no chance of the car getting dinged by a wayward door.

But I think he just likes making me walk a mini marathon to get to the front doors.

I see laundry, he sees a road block.

And even if you put the basket right next to his side of the bed, he still doesn't see clean clothes to put away.

No no, he sees a handy-dandy bedside hamper for him to now throw all his newly dirtied clothes into at the end of the day.

Who needs alarm clocks when you have gassy husbands?

Not exactly the best way to start your day but at least it didn't start by him rolling over, elbowing you in the eye, and then exhaling all his dumpster-fire morning breath into your face while he lets out a ferocious snore that even woke up the dog.

Why are they like this?

Or he'll turn on a "really good show" in the middle of the day in the busiest room of the house and then lose his mind when everyone else happens to enter that room or make any noise whatsoever.

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