10+ Celebrity Rumors That Literally Everyone Believed

Hollywood is rampant with rumors.

There is everything from the tame ones, like questioning which celebs are dating who to the intrusive ones, like saying a celeb is pregnant after seeing the slightest hint of a baby bump.

Then, there are the truly strange rumors that everyone somehow believed. Has the world gone nuts??

That Avril Lavigne died and was cloned.

The rumor is that Avril was replaced by a clone named Melissa.

But with little proof other than a tattoo and a song titled “Slipped Away”, it appears that some are grasping at straws.

That Gene Simmons' tongue isn't real.

Could his most famous body part be fake?

It was once believed that the rockstar and reality TV personality had a cow tongue surgically grafted to his own.

Um, ew!

That Walt Disney was frozen after death.

The American animator we all know and love may be staging a comeback!

Well, if he was actually frozen in a cryogenic chamber and hidden somewhere under Walt Disney World, he is.

That Cher removed two of her ribs.

While it seems laughable, many believed that Cher really did have two ribs removed to thin that waistline.

The singing icon has stated that she most definitely did not do that, but it hasn't stopped the rumor train.

That Cameron Diaz only washes her face with Evian water.

The actress ended up shooting down this rumor in an interview with PopSugar.

“That's the craziest thing, since there are so many other bottled waters I wash my face with, other than Evian” she said.

That Khloé Kardashian was adopted.

Have you ever wondered why Khloe doesn't resemble the other Kardashians?

Well, the internet has come to the conclusion that she is the secret daughter of O.J. Simpson. These rumors have been swirling for over a decade.

That Beyoncé and Jay-Z are part of the Illuminati.

Since the couple has taken over the music scene, many believe that the power couple are in the “Illuminati” secret society.

The triangular hand placement in photos and videos certainly don't help.

That Macauley Culkin is dead.

Someone really needs to check on the Home Alone actor! It's twice now that the internet thought he was dead!.

This happened back in 2014. Fortunately, both hoaxes proved to be false. We can all rest easy!

That Elvis is still alive.

The King of Rock may remain on the throne.

Rumors suggest that he faked his death and went into hiding since the mafia was looking for him.

Best-selling author Gail Brewer-Giorgio even wrote Is Elvis Alive?, giving strong life to the rumor.

That Margot Robbie lies about her age.

If you've ever felt like the actress has been 25 for 10 years now, you're not alone.

There has been a rumor that she lies about her age since she clearly doesn't age. Robbie debunked this to the Huffington Post, calling it just a rumor.

That Mr. Rogers was a sniper in the military.

Given his love of puppets and sweet nature, this one seems too crazy to be true.

There have also been rumors that he had some tattoos under his famous sweaters. The only truth to these rumors is that he did, in fact, register for the military draft.

That Demi Lovato has a secret sister.

This is definitely the silliest on the list.

Tumblr created comedic gold when they Photoshopped Demi’s face into a meme that led the internet to say that she has a secret sister named "Poot".

That Ashanti sang Jennifer Lopez's vocals in one song.

The rumor goes that she did the vocals for Jennifer Lopez in the hit “I’m Real,” featuring Ja Rule.

It was actually Ja Rule who shut down these rumors by saying straight-up, “No, that’s not true,” during his Andy Cohen interview.

That Keanu Reeves is immortal.

Now this one we can believe! Keanu is 56 and yet, he looks like he has barely aged in the past 20 years.

Since this rumor seems so possible, there is even a site called KeanuIsImmortal.com. We're onto you, Keanu!

That Phil Collins could have saved a drowning man.

You'll never listen to the popular hit “In the Air Tonight” the same after this.

It's rumored to be about Phil witnessing the death of a drowning man he could have saved. He dunked this rumor in an interview with Jimmy Falon, saying that the song is actually about divorce.

That Nicholas Cage is a vampire.

When an 1870s photo with a near-identical match to Nicholas Cage went viral, people had only one answer: Cage is a vampire .

He's never debunked this, so it's possible that he has embraced his inner Twilight.

That Britney Spears was working with George W. Bush.

A lot of media attention was given to Britney shaving her head.

But after things calmed down, some came to the conclusion that Britney was paid by George W. Bush to direct attention away from the opposing presidential campaigns.

That Jennifer Lopez's butt is fake.

Since she's got a lot of junk, naysayers believe that what she's got is fake.

Not only that, but that she spent over $27 million on her rear end with an insurance policy! Kim Kardashian was plagued by the same rumor.

That Tupac is still alive.

The mother of all rumors!

This influential rapper’s death has always been surrounded by mystery. His rappers don't calm the conspiracy theorists, and his song “Better Dayz" says, “Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back.”

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