Blake Lively Shows Off Her Painfully Relatable '2020' Hairstyle

2020 has taken a lot from us, but one thing that I don't want back is the desire to wear makeup and do my hair every day. Pretty much every webcam has a touch-up option, so why bother putting any actual effort into something that nobody's going to see anyway?

You know who agrees with me? Blake Lively!

Blake Lively is an actress best known for starring on the iconic *Gossip Girl.*

Blake is also known for being total couple goals with her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, and doing an amazing job raising their three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty.

Obviously being a mom of three during quarantine means that Blake's focus is probably not on maintaining supermodel hair or doing a full face of makeup every day.

Blake shared a selfie to her Instagram story that was just *too* relatable.

Including a Vogue sticker and the caption "Get the look, 2020 edition," Blake showed off a makeup-free look with the most relatable 2020 hairstyle: just a bunch of knots and tangles.

That's pretty much what mine looks like all the time these days!

Fans of Blake's clearly felt the mood of the picture too.

One fan noted that their hair was "dreading" in quarantine, while another joked that Blake was "channeling her inner fashionista."

What do you think of Blake's 2020 hairstyle? Are you rocking a similar one? Let us know in the comments!