14+ Times Vandals Did The Bare Minimum

I love a good ol' prankster — a master of shenanigans, if you will. Orchestrating real-world jokes can often take a lot of time and effort.

But what happens when professional pranksters are plagued with laziness? Well, I guess we end up with the refined and streamlined practical jokes of bare-minimum vandals. From a tiny bit of spray paint to adding a single word to a sign — for these vandals, it's the little things that count. Enjoy!

1. This super tasteful graffiti. 

Instagram | @eatliver

The respect this vandal has for the general public is astonishing. Nothing says "I care about this neighborhood" like adding ambiguous spray-paint art to its aesthetic.

2. Canadians are apparently really worried about flute season.

Reddit | PETApitaS

There's really nothing scarier than knowing there are millions of people walking around who haven't gotten their yearly flute shot — their one and only audition to join the concert band.

3. This hardly counts as vandalism, since it actually makes the sign more enjoyable. 

Reddit | Buffitron

We stan Paul Rudd, a time-honored funny guy from all of our favorite new comedies, and some of our favorite old romcoms, like Clueless.

4. It's wild that a single word can change the entire message of something.

The Chive | The Chive

In this case, mild vandalism has resulted in a much more Hunger Games-esque challenge rather than a "regular" ol' polar bear warning.

5. *Jaws theme starts playing outside bathroom door*

Reddit | MistakesNeededMaking

This is how Discovery should promote Shark Week next year. It's on the ground, it's personal, and it's so easy. All they have to do is find coat hooks that look like shark heads.

6. It's hard to tell if this is bare minimum vandalism or accidental vandalism.

Reddit | Hunter_rouge

Either way, though, y'all can find hosiery and hoes on the ground floor — if you're lookin'.

7. Definitely important to question unnecessary authority here and there.

Reddit | tele-caster-blast3r

It's especially important to use professional methods like classic art memes taped on top of that authority.

8. Pretending you're a dog can definitely be a quality moment.

Reddit | enfranci

So actually, this vandalism is pretty accurate and only further illustrates the company's point.

9. The greatest gift of all is not one that money can buy...

Reddit | Brandy_Bran

...but one that comes from within. Literally. I can't even imagine what the gift shop at a fart gallery would look like.

10. Look hard.

Reddit | xEBGBx

If you squint your eyes and look real long at this, you'll realize the vandalism is so simple it doesn't require squinting or looking hard at all.

You've heard of the snack that smiles back...now get ready for the soda pack that smiles back ?.

11. "Gotta go fast!"

Reddit | rettam_ti_seod

The prankster has been identified as none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself. He just wants Dr. Hedgeh to embrace his culture and identity.

12. Washing your hands is important to remember when you're working for others.

Reddit | AlCaPoWn1313

And apparently at this fine establishment, gettin' your butt in that sink is of even greater significance.

13. The fact that someone slowly chipped away at every single "e" on this is petty AF.

Reddit | licolasneon

We're here for the tedious vandal.

14. An eye for an eye makes this little stone man cry.

Reddit | Leyton1323

Who impaled this guy? He is SHOOKETH, and it just doesn't seem like he deserved it. I don't know why, but it's true.

15. He looks as shocked as the City of Savannah Government page.

Reddit | babyhandedtheif

He's keeping his eyes peeled for the culprit, but it's hard to stay focused on one thing when your eyes are googly AF.

16. This is physical comedy at its finest. 

Reddit | itsVinay

Or should I say, flying at its lowest...

Kind of concerning that aircraft are getting low enough for a ground sign to be put up, though.

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