13+ Pics That Are Really Just A Breath Of Fresh Air

It's pretty tough out there, y'all. Even those of us who have it pretty good, we can sometimes feel like we're treading water just enough to keep our hair dry.

I mean, not me, I'm bald, but whatever. Scalp.

Anyway, I think it's only fair that we treat ourselves to things that make us feel good whenever we can.

Believe me, these little nuggets of niceness and joy are the silver linings we all need.

1. Like maybe the best possible note to find on your car when you come back to it after an appointment?

The Chive | The Chive

For real — I like this move. Not just because it's a good thing to do, but because I hate carrying change. Instant karma.

2. And I think it's definitely gonna warm some hearts to see this level of sensitivity coming from Thanos.

Reddit | destroooooo

Is there an alternate scene for Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos tosses an Evangelion body pillow off a cliff to get the Soul Stone?

3. I thought this said that the chili was freezing cold, and I thought that was just mean. I get it now.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

What a cool landlord. Mine has mastered the art of ninjutsu and disappears with smoke bombs every time I need to get something fixed.

4. Or maybe just a person who isn't gonna let a little bad weather stop them from enjoying a nice drive with the top down.

The Chive | The Chive

This is real dedication. You know that the rain's blowing right between the windshield and the umbrella and right into his face. Godspeed, bruh.

5. OK, I guess a sealed-off bubble doesn't exactly jump out as a "breath of fresh air."

Barnorama | Barnorama

But just imagine for a second what it must be like inside there while it's raining.

Also, don't be so literal. Jeez.

I've learned that there are waymore stressful bubbles out there.

(For the record, I am now 100% committed to learning this sport and campaigning for its inclusion in the Olympic Games.)

6. This roar of triumph gives me hope for the future. Hardcore, bruh.

The Chive | The Chive

It also gives me regret that I didn't save all my Chuck E. Cheese tickets way back when.

What, did you expect them to still be in business today?

7. Aww. This is what relationships are all about.

Barnorama | Barnorama

It's all about reciprocation. You get to use me as a recliner, I get to use you as a mouse pad. Everybody wins.

8. "Yes, I'll have a double cheeseburger, onion rings, chocolate milkshake...and my friend will have one head scratch and a small boop, please."

Reddit | ColbyAno

Is this a foolproof way to get a discount at any drive-thru? I need to investigate further.

9. I think I could probably watch dogs chewing/drinking from hoses on a continuous loop for days and not get tired of it.

AcidCow | AcidCow

I mean, I might literally get tired and fall asleep, but I'd love to wake up to it.

10. I often go to clothing stores and wonder to myself, "How would I look in that suit...but also with the head of an eagle?"

The Chive | The Chive

I'm just kidding. I don't wonder that to myself. I say it out loud in a Scottish accent.

The closest I've come to achieving the look is with an owl on my head. It...didn't work out.

Oh, and if you're expecting me to explain the Scottish accent, that's just not gonna happen.

11. Well now, doesn't this just warm my heart. Or the ol' chunk of coal that I have instead of a heart.

Reddit | BradyBerserker

And frankly, heating that coal is a fire hazard, and I don't appreciate it.

12. Ahh, Halloween. Couple of things:

Reddit | wallsonfire

First, I adore this costume.

Second, I just randomly wondered if there's such a thing as a "sexy bacon strip" costume, but I'm too nervous to actually google it. At least it doesn't sound too spooky.

13. I love this, but I'm not sure if I really trust what's going on.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Dogs are great, cats are great, but I don't like the idea of a cat giving a dog orders. Suspicious.

It's bad enough we have cats lording over each other like Roman emperors.

I know, I know, this was supposed to be positive. I'm sorry.Uh...aww, what a cute couple of kitties. We good?

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