These Customized Dog Keepsake Ornaments Are Gosh Darn Gorgeous

When it comes to Christmas, I'm definitely on the side of the spectrum that likes to keep things simple and elegant. White lights instead of colored, simple, elegant ornaments, and absolutely no glitter.

I will get my sparkle with mirrored baubles and lighting, thankyouverymuch, instead of with something I'll be randomly picking out of my teeth in July.

It does make finding the perfect, personal decorations, though. I want personality, but classy, you know?

Something I've been on the lookout for is Christmas tree ornaments to represent my two beloved pooches. A lot of the ones I've seen are just photos printed on generic baubles, which isn't my jam.

Then I stumbled upon this offering from Etsy seller Bombus.

Full disclosure: I ordered one of each of my dogs while writing this article, plus a couple for family.

The pieces are made of crisp birch wood, hand-painted and engraved with your pet's name and a few simple floral patterns.

A simple off-white ribbon completes the elegant, yet adorable design.

Bombus is run by a team of artisans out of an old oast house in the Kent countryside.

Every item is handmade to order without factory equipment, so you know you're getting something special.

These ornaments can be made in one of almost 100 distinct dog breed shapes.

You can choose the exact breed of your dog, or the silhouette that most clearly matches their look — my shih tzu has short hair for our sanity, so the default shih tzu silhouette didn't really fit him.

Check them out on Etsy, and let us know in the comments which one matches your pup the best!

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