Grinchy Guacamole Is The Perfect Appetizer For Any Who-Feast

People don't usually think of guacamole as a holiday dish, but we argue that guac is basically spectacular all year long, especially when it's made with a Grinchy theme.

Despite the grouchy Grinch design, we doubt anyone could feel grumpy after they try these fun and festive Grinch guacamole dishes.

You're a tasty one Mr. Grinch

With his olive eyes, tomato slice nose, and olive slither mouth, this Grinch is looking dangerously tasty.

The crackers, carrots, salsa and any other goodies you might want to add will have you singing with as much spirit as all the Who's down in Whoville.

These Grinches have a lot of heart.

Some people are truly going all out with their Grinch guacamole masterpieces.

They've taken to Pinterest and Instagram to share their guacy Grinches and the world is eating them up.

We think the grinch would approve.

Although he started off pretty rough around the edges, the Grinch ultimately had a lot of Christmas spirit, and even joined in the Whoville festivities.

This guacamole pays homage to our favorite holiday hot head and for dedicated fans, it definitely seems like a Christmas table must-have.

It's even better in person.

Once the whole family sees this Grinchy guac, they'll flip. And once they taste it, they'll almost instantly start feeling pretty mushy. Who knows? Maybe their hearts will even grow three sizes! Well, that is if they like guacamole and the Grinch.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plan to make your very own Grinch-themed guacamole this holiday season!

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