People Are Sharing Their Genius DIY Ikea Hacks Online

Ikea products are great as they are, but it seems that people can't help but hack them anyway. While some people simply want to add a little extra decor to their plain Ikea furniture, others take these DIY furniture pieces to the next level with custom features. Let's check out some of these creative Ikea hacks.

Let's start off with some gorgeous caning.

"Hacked a Hemnes cabinet with some gel stain, new pulls, and paper cane," said Reddit user nlm9uh.

This cabinet is unrecognizable. I would never guess it began life as a piece from Ikea.

This washer and dryer have a bigger room than I do.

"Used [KARLBY] countertops as laundry room counter! Butt joint the countertop to the legs! [VOXTORP] cupboards on the top!" this Reddit user said in their description online.

It's a WATERFALL counter for a washer and dryer! I want to do this.

This wardrobe is SO chic.

It's made out of BESTA cabinets! They used two short TV cabinets, plus a heavy-duty rod from the hardware store! I'm so about this, the top cabinets would be great for winter wear.

Time for baby!

Honestly, one of the most tried and true Ikea hacks is using a Hemnes dresser as a changing table! This one had the drawers swapped out and new fronts put on. Check it out here. Just be sure to anchor any Ikea dressers to the wall — especially in kids' rooms.

This is the dresser of a classic gamer's dreams.

IT'S A CLASSIC NES. OMG. Sorry, I just got really excited. This was for a kid's room, but trust me when I say I'd totally do this if I had a game room. I know what I'm about.

Guys. Cat bed.

"A hack for pet owners. I took the [DUKTIG] doll bed and converted [it] into a cat bunk bed."

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I hope they use the top one, too.

This was a first-time Ikea hack!

"Decided to try my hand at customizing the [TARVA] dressers. gotta say I'm pretty satisfied with my first 'hack' and first time staining too," this Reddit user wrote.

It looks amazing, and you totally can't tell this was a first-time hack.

Now THAT is a bookshelf.

This crazy hack involves stacking BILLY bookshelves over a MALM set of dressers. Both were then secured to the wall, since they can get pretty tippy. It looks great!

For those that need some serious record storage, this hack has you covered.

"Cheap record unit using [KALLAX] and some hairpin legs from a hardware store."

This would be such a fun DIY to try, and you can really customize it to fit your style!

This bed is fit for royalty.

"So this has been my quarantine project - KURA as the base, all painted white, and the frame built out of 2x3. Built on a 38-degree angle for everything as that is the angle of the TROFAST I used for stairs, which I had to figure for the [banister]," said Reddit user Bob_Chris.

I want this bed!

This is one of the nicest home gyms I've ever seen.

"Home gym upgrade: KALLAX w/ Built-in mini-fridge and LINMON worktop."

Um, I kind of want a home gym now. This one is actually chic and nice, which I did not think was possible on a budget.

Plants, plants everywhere.

This is one of the coolest hacks I've ever seen. They built a greenhouse! Out of Ikea furniture! If you want to read more about it, here's a whole post about the build.

Built-in realness!

"AKURUM Kitchen Section with Hacked 3-into-1 Tall Corner Shelf and Adjacent Hacked Tall Shallow Cabinet."

I love Ikea hacks where they make something look built-in! It seriously adds so much to a home.

Cats, rejoice!

Some of my favorite Ikea hacks involve using their products to make litter boxes! Chic litter boxes are hard to find, and they're always very obviously litter boxes. Hacks hide them!

This is going to look so good.

"Renovating our bathroom and behind this wall was an unused pocket of space where the A/C return duct is located so I found this [SEKTION/MAXIMERA] wall cabinet that [fits] perfect. I’ll be adding trim around and matte black hardware," this Reddit user said.

Good lighting truly makes a difference.

"The Ikea kitchen cabinets were pretty straightforward and the counter was raw walnut from Floor and Decor that I had to sand, finish, and cut to length," Aggravating-Tart-468 explained. "Sconces were from Amazon and handles were from Lowe’s."

This TARVA got a total upgrade.

TARVA is one of Ikea's most hackable items — I have one in my kitchen! This one had some very on-trend caning added to it, giving it a boho feel.

These handles give the Hemnes new life.

The HEMNES is one of Ikea's best deals and best dressers, but the handles are painfully boring. This hack saw the whole thing painted, and the handles swapped with leather pulls!

This credenza is to die for.

The base of this is some standard floating BESTA cabinets, but the genius of the hack is obviously that gorgeous top and sides. They're counter-grade walnut laminated for durability!

This custom back makes this KALLAX look expensive af.

"Added a ‘wooden’ back to my [KALLAX] TV stand, using a sheet of fibre board and sticky-backed wood effect film, makes a nice difference I think."


This home office hack is absolutely wild.

You gotta do what you gotta do when you're stuck living in the time of Coronavirus and forced to work from home.

Here are the details:

"Used one Resgods bed tray ($19.99), two Ostbits plate holders($2.99 x 2), and 2 packs of 3M Command Large Sized Picture Hanging Strips ($6.99)

"4 sets of the command strips hold 16lbs - I’ve used 8 sets (4 sets/Ostbit) so roughly 30lbs. Works good enough!"

This light became boho chic.

"Kind of silly, but I'm proud of my ingenuity. The Ikea lamp (FADO) was brighter in home than in store and hurt to look at so I cut a hole in the back of the $5 Ikea basket I also bought (no product name online). Super cool mood light!" according to the Reddit user who shared this hack.