People Online Share Their Clever Ideas For Wrapping Gifts

Gift wrapping should be fun. Am I right? I have to admit I used to enjoy it a lot. It was like a ritual for me, to meticulously wrap a gift for somebody I care about.

I feel like I kind of lost my touch lately. So in the spirit of the holidays, I must get back into the art of gift wrapping.

1. Use Greenery

Here's a simple yet really pretty idea to wrap gifts. You can use plain brown paper and decorate it with greenery like this one. Then you can add your name tags. I have to say I love this idea.

2. Use Tissue Paper

Speaking of simplicity, how about using that tissue paper to do the actual gift wrapping? I've done this before. Sometimes regular wrapping paper is too hard to wrap around something that's an awkward shape, so tissue paper is much better.

3. Use Fabric

Aw, I love how beautiful these gifts look here. What a cute idea to wrap them in fabric like this, huh? This is simple, easy to do, and looks really gorgeous. Whoever gets this will definitely be impressed.

4. Use Dried Fruits

On the same token, how about this cool idea to use dried fruits as decorations for the gift? I've heard of this idea, but I am yet to try it. It might take some time to do, but it will be worth it.

5. Use Salt Dough Decorations

How cute does that look to you? I think it's adorable. Did you know this person made these pretty hearts using salt dough? I've never heard of this idea, but I think it's worth the effort.

6. Use Fabric Sacks

Oh my goodness, look at these gifts under the Christmas tree. It actually might be one of the cutest ideas I have seen lately. I would never have thought of using fabric sacks like these to put presents.

7. Use Lace

This person has an Etsy shop where they sell these really pretty lace gift bags. I think this is such an unusual idea to wrap presents. It's also very romantic for a gift like a ring, a watch, or any other jewelry.

8. Use Candy

This idea is great for anyone with a sweet tooth. Not only do they have a gift to open, but as a bonus, they get their favorite candy topper to enjoy later. What do you think of this?

9. Use Your Imagination

Why wrap a gift in the typical way when you can make it so much more fun? Give your drawing skills a try and create these fun and festive reindeer and friends gift wrap drawings. I would love a gift wrapped like that.

10. Use A Paint Can

I have to admit I've never would have thought of using an empty paint can as a gift wrap. Now that I see this idea, totally I dig it. You can paint the can in any pattern you choose. Isn't that so cool?

11. Use A Wax Seal

Oh my, isn't this so glamorous? Wow, I can't get over this cool idea. It reminds me of old school letters people used to sign with seals like these back in the day. It is pretty gorgeous.

12. Use Your Creativity

Oh wow, look at these adorable reindeer bottles. If you're going to give the gift of beer, it doesn't have to be boring at all. This idea is so much more fun and festive. Don't you think?

13. Use Zip Ties

Oh my gosh, what the heck is that, ha, ha? Did somebody use zip ties to wrap this gift? I think it's pretty genius if you asked me. Wouldn't it be so fun to open this gift, huh?

I hope I've given you some unique and fun ways to wrap a gift this holiday season.

Perhaps it's the right time to do things differently this year. I think whoever gets these gifts will love the wrap as much as the gift inside. Don't you agree?

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