Reddit Users React To Photo Of Baby's Tiny Manicure

It's a safe assumption that after we get a fresh manicure, we just love showing it off. There's no better feeling than getting our nails done at the salon and then taking a picture and showing off the color and set for our friends and followers online.

While people know that showing off our nails is a fun and enjoyable moment, there are some people who just shouldn't be getting their nails done.

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When it comes to people who should not be getting their nails done, newborn babies take the spot at #1.

The reason why babies should always have short nails is simple: safety.

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Newborns have extremely delicate skin and sharp nails could quickly cut their skin and leave cuts and scars.

As babies are unaware of their nails, they are constantly flailing their arms and hands around.

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Not only could they cut their skin, but a sharp nail can accidentally poke them in the eye, leaving even more damage.

Many moms opt for "mittens" or little gloves for newborns.

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The gloves prevent any mishaps when it comes to long nails and the sensitive skin of newborn babies.

And, cutting a baby's nails can be a huge challenge when they're young.

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Babies don't love the look of nail clippers (trust me!). Plus, moms are always nervous and don't want to accidentally cut the nails too short.

Regardless, keeping a newborn's nails short is imperative.

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According to health professionals, they need to be cut very often, too, as babies' nails "grow fast."

Additionally, bacteria can form underneath babies' nails and lead to infection.

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In one case, bacteria that was underneath a baby's fingernails led to the death of a newborn.

However, with the internet being the insane place that it is, of course someone gave their baby a "mani" to showcase to the world.

Recently shared on Reddit, someone decided that it would be a "funny" and great idea to give a newborn a pointy manicure.

The image generated a lot of reactions online.

Many said they hoped it was just for the photo and then they cut the nails immediately.

"I hope they did this just for the picture but then again they let the baby's nails grow this much. Either way it's not good. I feel for the kid," one person commented.

Other people online said they "hope" that it's photoshopped.

Unsplash | Irina Murza

"Please tell me this is photoshopped!!! What kind of parent would allow a baby’s nails to grow long, much less turn them into weapons," one said.

Many parents pointed out how dangerous this could truly be.

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"More importantly, THE [BABY'S] face. An itchy eye could result in permanent blindness," one Reddit user pointed out.

However, some said that their own children's nails were this long when they were newborns.

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"My [baby's] nails were almost just as long when she was born. They were seriously scary. I have to trim them every other day because they grow too fast," one mom said.

One mom even said her baby's nails got her husband in the eye "pretty good."

Unsplash | Ksenia French

"Our daughter got my husband in the eye once and it [expletive] him up pretty good. Had to wear [an] eye patch for a week and use drops.

"We would always be clipping them with the baby clippers but they were still always very thin and sharp, like little razors. After that incident she wore her baby mittens more often (the cloth kind)," she posted on the thread.

Another Reddit user said they they have scars from their own childhood.

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"Can confirm, have scars all over my face (including one very prominent one) that I scratched onto myself the day I was born," they said.

Moms also share that long nails on babies can be painful for THEM!

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"My wife screams regularly from our son pinching her nipples and breast with his nails, even through gloves," one husband said.

The consensus seemed to be that these parents just "wanted to joke," or so we hope.

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"As a parent who cut both children’s nails from birth on mostly because mom was fearful of cutting while trimming them - this has to be some sort of joke a parent did with press on nails.

A waste of time in my opinion but no way [...] anybody smart enough to conjure this up would leave them on - at least I hope," one parent said.

Some other Reddit users, however, just said, "some people just shouldn't have kids."

"There should be a license to have kids. You need to pass before you can have kids," one Reddit user added in the thread.

What are your thoughts on this tiny manicure? Is it a yay or a nay?

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