14+ Terrible People Who Are Also Terrible Passengers

Travelling can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes, and most of the time this can be the fault of the other passengers around you!

From angry messages being passed between seats to people who really don't understand personal space, please get ready to marvel at these 14+ passengers who have never heard of manners!

"My flight attendant mom got this napkin from an upset passenger."

This seems even worse than if you see someone getting on board with an egg sandwich and a packet of cheese and onion crisps, animals.

"Delta in-flight trivia game lets you play against other passengers. My friend played with his name set as 'PILOT.' Old people slightly concerned."

Looks like Batman has also finally met an opponent who is more of a match for him than the Joker... Ann!

"On my dad's flight this morning..."

Pfft, so this lazy bird couldn't be bothered flying itself? Get some damn exercise you lazy bird!

"Passenger asked to deplane after her emotional support pig became disruptive."

Pigs flying you say? Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a man to see about a career in politics!

"Her shirt says #Heavenbound. Literally, one of the last shirts you want to see on your flight."

Well, I suppose that maybe a "hellbound" t-shirt might be slightly worse now that I think about it?

"My dog isn't the most trusting passenger."

My partner has the same expression on their face whenever I am driving, I genuinely think that they will never trust me!

"Cross-stitching on a plane..."

Air travel can make anyone irritable, so I can see why someone may feel the need to vent some of this anger through some furious stitching!

"If you lean your seat back this far on flights then screw you!"

How bafflingly self-absorbed do you actually have to be to do this sort of thing?

"My neighbor is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone's 'therapy pet,' on his flight."

That doesn't look lie much of a "therapy" pet, it looks pretty damn angry with those beady little eyes!

"Pilot speaks to the wife of an angry passenger. The wife wasn't buying his excuse that his flight home has been delayed 14 hours."

First of all, that pilot is far too nice to do this. Also, what kind of person wouldn't believe that a flight has been delayed? Delaying flights is literally all that airlines do!

The Ol' Switcheroo!

The one who posted this explained, "Someone wrote 'Welcome to Cleveland' on a rooftop in Milwaukee near the airport so incoming planes would be able to read it and confuse passengers."

"Can you bring scissors on a plane?"

Someone suggested that they should just quickly shut the tray table without warning and lock it shut, which I think is a fantastic idea.

"Alone in the bus until somebody gets in and decides to sit there, despite the social distancing regulation."

As some other likeminded people pointed out, this would annoy me even if there wasn't a pandemic going on!

"My sister was very excited to get her first window seat on a plane!"

Okay, so this is more the airline's fault over the passenger's fault. However, I couldn't not put it in as it is such a uniquely disappointing and annoying feeling not getting a window on a window seat.

"People who leave a train like this:"

It baffles me when people do this sort of thing in a movie theatre, let alone on public transport!

"On the train on the way home from Oktoberfest."

In fairness, they're all folded up pretty neatly, good on them! Although, wearing the same outfits is unforgivable!

"Getting back to my seat after a bathroom break."

I guess you'd just have to raise the arm rests up very suddenly and violently! As suddenly and violently as you could!

"Someone put cream on the seat at the bus stop."

Why? Why would anyone do this? Although, I guess that it would encourage you to stand up and not spend so much time sitting down!

"A kid sitting in front of me on my flight was sending a nice message to his Sister!"

Well, I just sincerely hope that he typed in the right seat number for his sister and isn't accidentally sending this to an elderly person!

"Don't you hate it when you need to tap your train ticket but someone put a roasted chicken on the scanner?" does someone end up doing this? Did they have the chicken on the off-chance, or did they pre-plan this idea?