Aunty Acid

Aunty Acid's Xmas Puzzle: Find The Odd Gingerbread Man Out!

Ho ho ho gang, it’s finally Christmas week and I'm fully in the Christmas spirit... gin mainly. I thought I would treat you to a BONUS Christmas puzzle!

Now, everyone knows the only food I cook comes from the 4 main food groups, bagged, boxed, frozen, and canned, but I thought I would make a special exception for the season and my wonderful fans, and bake some delicious gingerbread men. I'm not the greatest at baking so one of them is the ODD ONE OUT.

Can you figure out which one it is?

Aunty Acid

I’ll give you ten minutes okay? Think you’ve cracked it?

I hope you have a wonderful merry day with your loved ones and get everything you wish for! Let me know if you got the answer so I can put you on my smarty pants list.

All my love,

Aunty Acid.