A Body Language Expert Analyzed Prince William And Kate's Christmas Card

Ahh, Christmas! It's almost here! The most magical time of the year! While so many things have been canceled or changed about Christmas this year, one thing that remains is the joy of receiving a good holiday card! There's no better feeling than ripping open a card that you hope will have a Christmas check in it, only to find a LOVELY HOLIDAY CARD, WHICH IS PRICELESS!

You know who always does a good Christmas card? The ROYALS! Remember Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's adorable card from last year? ARCHIE WAS SO CUTE!

This GIF card made me happier than any card I received from families I actually know in real life last year so...

Let's also take a moment to remember the Cambridges' not-so-festive Christmas card for 2019:

When I tell you people hated this card, I mean it. Fans thought it was way too summery and didn't fill them with the Christmas spirit!

I mean, they're ROYAL family members. What do you expect? Do you think Kate is taking her little princess and princes to the MALL to take pictures with SANTA?

Let's just say, it looks like they got the hint this year.

The Cambridges' 2020 card is SO adorable:

I truly can't believe how grown up the kids are looking these days!

Now that we've taken a moment to appreciate the card, what if I told you I had some insider info on it? You'd be jazzed, right? WELL, CONGRATS! Today is your lucky day!

According to body language expert Judi James, this card tells us A LOT about the family's dynamic.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Judi says the photo shows a "tight family unity" as William and Kate have their arms wrapped around their three children, seven-year-old George, five-year-old Charlotte, and two-year-old Louis.

She also pointed out that the "earthy, woody tones of their background and outfits hint that William and Kate might be happiest in the kind of natural, simple environment that they opted for when they were first married and went to live in Anglesey in simpler surroundings."

It truly does look like such a comfy and cozy photo!

Apparently, the card also shows that Kate is the backbone of the family.

"The confident body language signals in this group pose come from one end, with both Kate and Charlotte sitting upright, throwing direct and almost (in Charlotte's case) challenging eye-gazes at the camera. This level gaze looks the most royal, too. Kate looks like the undisputed backbone of the family unit."

As far as William's body language is concerned, he's happy his wife is so strong.

"William seems to acknowledge that his wife is his rock here, leaning in towards her, wearing a smile that involves a tight top lip and puckering of the brows at the bridge of the nose to suggest suppressed delight at being supporter and backseat protector of his family group," Judi explained.

As for daughter Charlotte, Judi says the princess "mirrors that sense of adult irony by performing an asymmetric smile that pulls the mouth up at one corner, rather than the smile of childlike glee that little Louis is wearing."

"Charlotte's body language suggests she is very much her own person, sitting happily to the side of the pose with her hands and arms splayed to hint she's getting keen to explore and have adventures by herself."

"George's smile and his eye expression suggest a hint of shyness and he seems happiest posing near his dad," she explained.

"The pair seem to have a special bond that could be partly down to the way William is drawing on his own experiences as a future king to ensure his own eldest son will be comfortable with his own destiny."

Ultimately, it seems like the family is incredibly comfortable and happy around one another and their playfulness is evident in their smiles and relaxed postures.

Isn't that so lovely!

Merry Christmas, Cambridge Crew!

h/t: The Daily Mail

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