Model In Her 60s Doesn't Let Age Define Her Style

You're never too old to be a model. That's especially true when it comes to this beautiful lady who, at the age of 64, is still going strong in the fashion industry.

When you find out more about her outlook on life, you'll understand why she's so successful. So let's dig deeper into her life story. Shall we?

Yazemeenah Rossi started modeling at the age of 30.

And now, at the age of 64, she's still passionate about her work and life in general. Aging hasn't slowed her down one bit, and she wants us to know the secrets of her success.

As it turns out, Yazemeenah wasn't the confident woman you see her today when she turned 50.

She felt bad about herself for having wrinkles and looking older. But then, instead of pitying herself, she turned it all around and started embracing her age.

She realized that now she has the time to do everything she wants to do.

So she spends her time doing just that. She credits a nutritious diet and daily yoga for feeling young and beautiful every day. Isn't that something?

Things weren't always this easy for Yazemeenah.

She grew up poor, and her grandparents raised her. At the age of 16, she got pregnant with her first child, married the father, and moved to Paris. She had her second child at the age of 20.

She didn't end up staying with the father of her children and started working to support them.

A chance job put her in the modeling world when she was a stand-in for a model who got sick. And then the work just took off from there.

Yazemeenah spent 10 years working as a fittings model for Hermès and YSL.

Now she only works with brands and companies that let her embrace her age instead of hiding it. She hasn't had any plastic surgery aside from having minor facial injections to erase some blood vessels.

She is who she is, and she fully embraces it.

There's no point apologizing or feeling sorry for yourself. Her gray tresses are her calling card, and she hasn't even thought of dyeing them. I think we should all follow her suit.

Yazemeenah does feel frustrated that more fashion houses don't employ older models.

Even though she's stylish and wears designer clothes, she wishes those companies would take a chance on older models. After all, older people want to look and feel great, too.

Wow, I absolutely love this lady's fierce attitude and her outlook on life.

We should all feel as good about ourselves as she does about herself. Do you agree with me? Do you think it's all in the right mindset?

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