10+ Celebrities Fans Probably Didn't Know Are Besties

When it comes to Hollywood friendships, you have your Ben Afflecks and Matt Damons and Tina Feys and Amy Poehlers. In other words, the obvious BFFs that everyone knows about.

But then, there are some Hollywood friendships that no one saw coming (Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, anyone?).

Ready for some more surprises? Come check out these 10+ celebs fans probably didn't know are besties.

1. Adam Levine and Jonah Hill

These two became fast friends after attending the same school together.

"Our dads met in the principal's office in junior high," Hill told Howard Stern in 2014. Hill even officiated Levine's wedding! How sweet is that?

2. Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez

This adorable friendship stemmed from a chance meeting in a bathroom at a Vanity Fair party.

"My heart stopped and I freaked out and I ran to my mom," Selena explained of the encounter on The Ellen Show.

Since then, they've practically been attached at the hip.

"She's just like a little cherub that I feel like I wanna take care of," Jennifer told E! News in 2014.

"And we've just met through our manager. She's been extremely supportive and wonderful."

3. Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran

No one really knew about their friendship until Courteney posted this hilarious pic as part of a birthday tribute to Ed.

Sheeran even lived at Cox's Malibu beach house for three months to write music.

4. Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence

This picture sums up their friendship to a T. If this wasn't chaotic enough, Jennifer once ended up naked in Kris's closet.

“She had some time off and I invited her over for dinner,” Jenner told Steve Harvey. After a few cocktails, the girls ended up in Kris's closet, trying clothes on.

As for the naked part, that hilariously came from this: “She just took off her jeans and went for it,” Jenner said.

Kris also shared that their adorable friendship began over lots of texting over the years.

We're here for this!

5. Snoop Dogg and David Beckham

These two go way back. They struck up a friendship in early 2008 after Beckham moved to LA.

Get this: Beckham has even played a huge role in Snoop's music over the years.

“Whenever I make a record I give him a copy before it’s done," Snoop told *The Mirror* in 2011.

Bekham was even the first person to listen to Snoop's 2009 album, "Malice n Wonderland."

"He’s like a brother. I’m gonna show him to rap, for shizzle," he said.

6. Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher

Oh, how we'd love to be a fly on the wall at this karaoke party!

A friendship between the two actresses blossomed when they met at David Spade's birthday party almost two decades ago. They've been having lots of fun since!

7. Meghan Markle and Serena Williams

Meghan has been friends with the tennis superstar for years. She even attended Meghan's royal wedding to Prince Harry in 2018.

Meghan returned the favor in 2019 when Meghan took a day off royal duty to support Williams at Wimbledon.

8. Lauren Graham and Connie Britton

The actresses are roommates-turned-friends.

"We lived in an empty house that we weren't supposed to be living in," the Gilmore Girls alum told Andy Cohen in 2013.

"We had no furniture and all we ate were Rice Krispies Treats."

9. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

These on-screen BFFs became that way in real life. Channing even helped Jonah lose weight!

He first called him a dumb [expletive] (as friends do) and then gave him the blueprint that helped Jonah shed a ton of weight.

10. Matthew McConaughey and Shawn Mendes

Not even Matthew saw this unlikely friendship coming.

"I'm pretty sure I forced this relationship on you," Shawn said during a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He said that a friendship began over his "desperate need" for Matthew's advice.

11. Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra

There is a reason Chopra was invited to Meghan's 2018 royal wedding: They've been close since 2016!

"You know when you meet someone and you just click? It was just an easy, natural progression," Meghan said about Priyanka in 2016.

12. Samuel L. Jackson and Judge Judy Sheindlin

If their friendship isn't surprising enough, this certainly is: Judy helped Samuel quit smoking!

"We used to smoke together, and when Judy stopped smoking, she made me stop smoking," Jackson said on WWHL in 2017.

13. Zach Braff and Harry Styles

This is too cute.

"Romantic candlelit dinner with my BFF @Harry_Styles at Mermaid Oyster Bar in NYC," the Scrubs star captioned this picture from 2013. We 'ship this!

In 2014, Braff told Andy Cohen that they met through mutual friends.

14. Millie Bobby Brown and Drake

The two first struck up a friendship when they met backstage at one of his concerts in Australia.

"He’s a great friend and a great role model,” she once told Access Hollywood.

"We just texted each other the other day," she said, "He was like, ‘I miss you so much,’ I was like, ‘I miss you more.'"

But since she was 14 at the time and he was 30, their friendship sparked some backlash.

15. Billie Eilish and Drake

Millie Bobby Brown isn't the only celeb that Drake is friends with.

"Drake is like the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to," Billie told Vanity Fair in 2019. Like Millie's friendship, though, some fans found their significant age gap weird.

What do you think?

16. John Mayer and Dave Chappelle

John and Dave forged their unlikely friendship years ago. They've toured and performed together on multiple occasions, and Dave was even a guest on John Mayer's Instagram show, "Current Mood."

For the record, he appeared on John's show long before he ever agreed to an interview on JRE.

17. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart

Ever since they appeared in the buddy cop comedy Central Intelligence, Dwayne and Kevin have been thick as thieves. If you follow either on social media, you already know how much these two love to troll one another.

18. Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgård

Jack and Alex have been lifelong friends. In fact, over the years, Jack has been Alex's date more often than not whenever he's attending an awards show.

There are a lot of emotions going on in this picture, and I for one can't seem to get enough of it.

19. Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez

Sometimes friendship strikes in the strangest of places. For Leah and Jennifer, it was when they appeared in the romantic comedy, Second Act.

They still make time to chat on the phone in order to discuss their families, careers, and everything/anything else that comes to mind.

20. Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel

I know that, judging from this picture, it doesn't look like Matt and Jimmy are friends at all. If you're familiar with their ongoing "feud," you might even call me crazy.

But underneath all the theatrics, these two guys have a lot of love for one another.

22. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

Martha and Snoop's endearing friendship is the perfect reason why you should never judge a book by its cover.

These two started their own cooking show called Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner. If you've not seen it, it's delightfully delectable.

23. Nick Jonas and Jay-Z

Nick Jonas partnered with Tidal to film a documentary for his album, "Last Year Was Complicated."

Tidal founder and rap legend Jay-Z is the one who gifted Nick the name for the album. How freaking cool is that?

24. Eminem and Elton John

Though their initial introduction was mired in controversy, Marshall and Elton have become the best of friends over the years.

How close are they, you ask? Well, for Elton's wedding, Marshall gifted him and his husband a pair of diamond-encrusted rings to wear on their genitals.

25. Vince Vaughn and Robert Pattinson

I don't think there's a man or woman alive who would turn down the opportunity to party with Vince Vaughn.

Supposedly, Vaughn was even there for Robert in the wake of his break up with Twilight costar, Kristen Stewart.

26. Russell Brand and Helen Mirren

Russell Brand is a lucky man. I'd give anything just to be able to breathe the same air as Helen Mirren, let alone act alongside her.

When asked about his relationship with the legendary actress at a press conference, Russell described it to 9News as "an unconsummated love affair."

27. 50 Cent and Meryl Streep

The first time 50 Cent and Meryl met was at a Knicks game and the whole encounter made 50 feel totally starstruck.

Afterward, he got a chance to hang out with Kobe Bryant and Meryl — talk about a power trio.

28. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber

For a long time, rumors were swirling that Justin and Kourtney were hooking up, but the pair maintained that they were strictly friends.

The validity of that statement at the time seemed suspect, but these days they're officially in the friend zone.

29. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has risen from the relative unknown to rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite.

He first met Brad Pitt while on the set of Moneyball. They formed a fast friendship that has continued to this very day.

30. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tony and Lady Gaga's friendship is one that transcends time and generations. These two iconic singers have a profound respect for one another and have performed together on multiple occasions over the years.

They even recorded an album called "Cheek To Cheek."

31. Rihanna and Jim Parsons

This adorable selfie was recreated by Jim and Rihanna after they'd wrapped filming on Home.

Upon their first meeting, Jim began serenading her with a selection of her own songs. He also told Ellen DeGeneres that Rihanna smells like "heaven."