13+ Embarrassing Mistakes That Make Us Want To Hide

Every now and again we will either make a mistake ourselves or see a mistake being made that makes us wince while laughing.

From directionally-challenged landlords to the most abominable Smart car you have ever seen, here are 13+ embarrassing mistakes that make us want to hide.

"Hand a kindergartner a sharpie and ask them to please put an 'eye' on the head of their turkey. You get what you ask for."

In fairness, kindergarten is the place to be making these kinds of adorable mistakes! When you do it as an adult, it just gets embarrassing!

"Social 'Distancing'!"

This reminds me very much of the Dr. Seuss story of the North-Going Zax and the South-Going Zax.

"Put up the billboard boss, got the words on it like you asked!"

Never underestimate the power of words, and in this instance that is meant slightly more literally.

"Maybe they should [have] put the couple's story on the next page, just a thought!"

Jesus Christ, that is definitely not a newspaper that you would want your family and friends to see at a glance if you were this couple!

"My neighbor has just covered his car with actual blue jeans."

And I thought that buying a Smart car in the first place was a bad enough decision, but this person has outdone every expectation!

They Did Warn You...

You can never take the threat of geese lightly! There is no messing around when it comes to geese, they're ruthless and cunning.

"Should I still knock...?"

Just make sure that you do not make eye contact with the person in there when you knock though, as that would just be weird.

"Poor rubber duck..."

If there was no one on hand to shout, "Duck!" as it went under the bridge then everyone involved ought to be ashamed of themselves...well, more so.

"Dial 999 for...oh!"

I mean, it looks pretty clear that the coastguard, police, fire, and ambulance departments are looking for easy days at work!

"Sign at a gas station near my old apartment."

Yeah, don't be thinking of nicking anything from this shop as it will really change your life's direction.

I Think They Meant The Date...

It looks like a very nice ceiling, I guess, so maybe they just wanted to draw attention to it a bit?

"That's not how it works."

I'd certainly be hiding from whoever it is that put this family tree together. They have some...strange ideas.

"Just closed on my first property. Bought the land, built the house ourselves."

This is what I imagine people would be driving if they set Mad Max in the British countryside.

"Looks permanent to me."

Duct tape can be pretty damn permanent...well, if you take my unique approach to DIY it can be anyway.

"Mailman gave not a rat's ass about my roommate's certificate..."

Get that flattened with a stack of books, stat! This person went on to add that "it totally could have fit in the mailbox unfolded," which just adds insult to injury.

"My daughter's little shapes book. Pentagon?"

I wouldn't be correcting the kid though, let them just grow up to one day be baffled by the concept of a starfish.

"Picture of the ground being fed dinner!"

That is one hell of a non-stick pan. I love that the moment of realization has yet to have dawned on him here!

"Go upstairs to tell us you need help going upstairs."

So, are people just supposed to scream the building down until someone upstairs hears them or what?

"[She] already won, and 3 pieces are floating."

There is no reason for these kids to look this terrifying. None at all.

"Zero everything!"

Are they just selling water? Seems like a strange trait to advertise but whatever works.

"This driveway that doesn’t line up."

This is genuinely infuriating. How are the owners not scrambling to get it widened that extra few inches?

"I got a costume mask of me. Help."

There is no helping you now. You're already being eaten by it, it's too late.

"Disney font puts the fun in funeral."

Who said the death of a loved one can't be whimsical?

"[My] attempt at making a shrek christmas cookie ended up looking an uncomfortable amount like danny devito."

Maybe he's uncomfortable because he's suddenly green. And a cookie.

"How dry erase marker looks on a mirror before and after taking a shower."

This is funny, yes, but why was this drawn on your bathroom mirror to begin with?

"Installed the outlet boss!"

That tiny sliver of countertop would have fit a coffee machine perfectly if it weren't for that pesky stove.

"I made a life sized Gary Busey cutout for a white elephant exchange, but it was cancelled. Now I have a life sized Gary Busey cutout."

Actually, wait, this isn't a mistake. This is a perfect home decor piece.

"I think the steak house I went to is going through an identity crisis."

I have no idea who let this happen, but I can imagine that it annoys more than a few customers!

"It would suck to have that balcony on a rainy day."

But perfect for someone who loves to tan. Pros and cons.

"Found at my school..."

"Dave, do you really think we should call our kid this?"

"Honestly, Sandra, it'll be hilarious, trust me!"