17+ Times We Had To Follow Clues And Put The Pieces Together

A lot of us will often come across things that leave us scratching our heads and wondering just how such a thing could come to exist.

From bafflingly wrong nursery rhymes to impossible staircases, please enjoy these 17+ times we had to follow clues and put the pieces together!

"Found at Walmart. No better way to get Meowy in there?"

Wow, now that is some truly abysmal Christmas cat. I feel like I need one of these now as I cannot stop marveling at it.

Make Sure You're Wearing The Right Color!

It's also incredible that they didn't even try and crop out the Google search bar, just left it there for reference I guess.

"I don't really know what they're trying to say..."

So, they want you to "Text and Barber"? Is that what they're suggesting?

Wait...Is That How The Rhyme Goes?

This was definitely not the rhyme that I heard when I was at school. Also, aren't those cucumbers, not beans?

"Someone didn't get the memo."

You would have thought that they would have just called a tow truck. Although, I guess that was beyond their brief.

"Someone's got an imagination."

One person who wasn't sure what this sign could actually mean suggested, "My best guess is to be cautious because there are dinosaurs ahead wearing scarves at sunset." I love that guess, fantastic stuff.

Beware Of Ninjas!

I feel like this is actually just going to result in more broken handles as more wannabe ninjas start kicking the living daylights out of toilets.

Is Something Wrong Here Or Is It Just Me?

This is clearly the behavior of a complete and utter psychopath, no one who does this should be left unsupervised!

Those Are Some Jazzy-Looking Stairs!

Either MC Escher designed these stairs or it's just meant to be one hell of a rough slide!

"When Grandma prioritises the dog over you."

At least the dog is smiling, maybe that is why the dog didn't get cut down to size?

"I priced it..."

Something tells me that the worker who put this up has completely given up. I just have an inkling.

"A very helpful sign!"

I suppose that they technically filled the brief that they were asked to do, in a roundabout and backhanded way, that is.

"Put the note that this was a set boss!"

I hate it when your Ste arrives not pre-assembled! Our local pub's Ste turned up without a head as well, terrifies all of the locals.

"When my wife talks about having another baby, I like to remind her how painful breastfeeding every time."

I mean, those pictures tell a pretty clear story about the sort of pain that she is going through right there! I can see why this would be effective.

Mixed Signals!

It's great when life gives you a 50/50 choice like this, it really spices up your day-to-day life!

"Bad lettering makes a big difference..."

"Hey, so, I've come about the..."

"Before you continue, this is a 'paint' store, I want to make that clear."

"Ah, okay, thanks for that... I think I'll just show myself out."

"The paper in this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots."

Buying this cheese to keep in the fridge at work has got to be a surefire way to stop people from stealing your cheese!

"And This Week's Winner Of The 'Not My Job' Award Goes To..."

Most people thought that this was a shadow at first glance, but sadly it tells a much sadder story!

"A sign outside [an] off strip casino in Las Vegas [...]."

"Then who was that man who just took my— oh. Oh no."

"This is made for toddlers and I can't find a single word."

After some sleuthing, people realized that they could find words like store, crowd, mall, sale. It looks like they put in a shopping-related word search instead of the toy one they wanted.

"When BAE welcomes you home, but you're happier to see the cat."

What, was the cat supposed to sit there and not get pet? You monster!

Hit Yourself.

I've read this over an embarrassing amount of times and still can't understand what they're trying to say. Someone please help.

A Clear Divide.

This one took me a second to get, but when I saw it my faith in the human race took a plunge.

"This tells a story."

The very clear handprint at the front tops it all off. Here's hoping they walked away with just a bruise.

"Didn’t see the 'NO' at first and thought, WTF did I just buy?"

You'd have to at least appreciate the boldness of a skincare company that fully advertises its use of silicones, formaldehyde, and animal testing.

"Well I don't know how this helps with snow but...I sent the message, boss."

"Drive with cake? If you insist, I'll make a stop at the grocery store."

Customer Participation.

They're just making sure you haven't forgotten how to read numbers or anything.

"Placed the sticker, boss!"

Well, there would be no way that I could cope with looking at this every day, it would drive me slowly insane.

"Put the new light switch in boss. And got rid of the old ones free of charge."

These feel like fossils. Switches from an ancient era.

Dear God, I Hope That This Isn't For Real!

This would be unadvisable at the best of times, but this year it is especially worrying!