Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About Disney Movies

All Disney fans have their favorite films and their favorite characters, and these are going to vary a lot from person to person.

However, there are some general opinions about Disney movies that the majority of people share or can at least agree on to some extent. But, some people go against the grain and think some rather unpopular things about the franchise.

Here are 10+ unpopular Disney movie opinions that people shared on Reddit and Buzzfeed!

Elsa and Anna are both important to the story.

There's a lot of debate about which of these two sisters is better, but the real unpopular opinion is that they are both essential.

Elsa has to deal with intense shame and guilt while Anna was lied to and kept from having a life, too.

They both have strengths and weaknesses, and it's this combination and their sisterhood that makes the movies interesting.

There is only one good song from *Moana.*

This is an opinion that some fans have, and there is some validity to their argument.

While the movie does have some other fun songs, like "You're Welcome," they appeal mostly just to kids. The only super resonant song is "How Far I'll Go," and the best songs are just a reprise of this one.

*Zootopia* has a confusing message.

This point might not be so much unpopular as divisive because there are people on both sides of this argument.

While the movie tries to use metaphor to give an anti-racist message, the lesson becomes a bit confusing and hard to track when Dawn becomes the antagonist in the end.

*Hercules* has a better soundtrack than its given credit for.

Certain Disney songs get super popular, and there are some soundtracks that are pretty universally loved.

Some fans feel that Hercules has a really strong selection of songs and that they don't get talked about enough like songs from Mulan or Frozen.

Bing Bong is one of the worst side characters.

Disney movies are known for having both adorable animal sidekicks as well as support characters, like the Genie and Mushu, who bring humor and advice.

However, some people feel like Bing Bong from Inside Out was just obnoxious. He wasn't that funny, and they thought he was just used for a forced emotional moment.

*Frozen* is better than *Tangled.*

While the general consensus on the internet has been that Tangled is underrated and Frozen is overrated, not everyone feels that way.

While the originals might be somewhat on par with one another, Frozen 2 really upped the game and left Tangled behind according to some.

*Cars* is better than *Toy Story.*

This is for sure an unpopular opinion, but it's one that some people hold.

While Toy Story is seen by most as having a more heartfelt story, some fans feel like Cars has a more interesting world and characters.

We guess everyone can have their own opinion!

*Bambi* should get as much attention as *The Lion King.*

In some ways, there are similarities between these two stories. Both of the main characters tragically lose a parent and are then left alone until they grow into the prince they were meant to be.

So, some fans feel it's unfair that Bambi doesn't get nearly as much love from fans as Simba.

Olaf is annoying.

While Olaf is beloved by children everywhere, some adults feel he's way too obnoxious. He's not as cute as all of the Disney animal sidekicks, and his jokes are always the same.

While this makes sense as he's supposed to appeal to kids, Bruni, from Frozen 2, is a more adorable sidekick according to some fans.

*Tarzan* has a bad soundtrack.

This is another very unpopular opinion as most people love the Phil Collins music from the film.

However, not everyone is going to agree, and while it can be hard to see why, some people think this soundtrack isn't worth the hype.

Flynn isn't the most attractive Disney prince.

While Flynn from Tangled is often seen as one of the most handsome Disney princes, largely because he's also rather charming, some fans feel he's a bit overrated.

Whether he's your favorite or not, there is definitely room for more attention to princes like Naveen who are also attractive.

The *Up* intro is sad, but it's not all depressing.

This scene is often viewed as one of the most heart-wrenching from a Disney movie.

However, while it's sad, some fans feel like viewers took away the wrong message from it.

While it's upsetting that Carl and Ellie couldn't have kids as they wanted, they still got to live a happy life together. Some fans feel they had more joy over a long life than many people get.

*Emperor's New Groove* isn't overrated.

Sometimes, a movie that starts out being underrated doesn't stay that way because it starts getting a lot more hype.

While most people still agree that it's a great movie that deserves attention, it is talked about a lot more now making it less "underrated" than it was before.

*The Princess and the Frog* is still underrated.

On the other hand, some people feel that The Princess and the Frog still hasn't gotten the love it deserves.

Some fans are also still frustrated about the fact that Tiana is the only Disney princess who spends most of her movie in an animal form. It's a shame because she's one of the most interesting princesses.

Emma Watson was poorly cast in *Beauty and the Beast.*

These days, there are a ton of live-action remakes of animated Disney films, and people have a lot of opinions on them.

While many people love Emma Watson, some fans feel she was wrong for this role. They think that while she might look the part that her singing wasn't good enough to land her the role.