15+ Weird Pics That Seem Unlikely But Make Some Sense

The brain is a wonderful tool. How often do you see something that seems a little odd on the surface, then put a little bit of thought into things, then figure it out? You'll know this is happening when you think it through, then say, "Huh." Let's pore through these weird pics together.


Reddit | vbhampton

Of all the golf balls hit around the world every day, it stands to reason that some of them are going to hit some of the billions of bugs flying around. It just looks weird when you see it.

Same difference.

Ordinarily, losing a bunch of letters from your sign is a bad thing. But in this case, the sign still communicates the same message.

Precious and few.

Reddit | lexkp27

This dad is so lucky that the exact moment his baby figured out how to inflict the highest level of beard-centric pain was captured on camera.


Reddit | rba22

When you think about stings and bites from bugs, the actual mechanisms are generally horrifying. It's like having a tiny alien deploy its weird probes on us.


Reddit | Gingerfox7474

Photographers know that sometimes it's necessary to stand around all day, snapping unspectacular pics, before the perfect photo opportunity comes into frame.

Luke Horserider.

Reddit | rastroboy

Is this a random kid riding a random pony, or a random kid riding a random pony while holding a badass lightsaber?

Another one bites the dust.

Reddit | keahlian8d

When you think about how military parades often require the participants to stand motionless, knees locked, in the hot sun, it makes sense that the occasional guard will pass out.

Couldn't have planned that better.

Reddit | imika654

This guy picked up a huge stack of boxes for...reasons, then put them into his truck bed. It was completely random, but they fit perfectly.


Reddit | KuriousHumanPics

It's always a little weird to see Earth-bound things silhouetted against the moon. I know those geese aren't in space, but it sure looks like they are.

Double heterochromia.

Reddit | laney-rene

This girl has heterochromia. Usually this makes each eye a different color, but since she has heterochromia in both eyes, it means both eyes have unique hues.


Reddit | SaltyPoseidon22

Is this a normal thing? Do slugs just casually drop down from the roof, suspended by their own slime? This is an important find.

Tough call, Netflix.

Reddit | PuppyMonkeeBaby

Everyone, literally everyone, has binged The Office on Netflix long enough to get the "Are you still watching..." prompt. But I'm guessing most of us haven't faced this conundrum.


This two-toned chess board used to be, well, one-toned. But after leaving half of it out in the direct sun, it took on a new look.

Invisible RV.

Reddit | kelbydye

The driver of this RV probably doesn't know it, but at the exact moment this photo was taken, the art on the back lined up perfectly with the surroundings.

That doesn't seem right.

Reddit | ClivBTD

Even if a pole is intended for electricity, there's no guarantee that it won't transmit other stuff if it's poorly designed. You know, stuff like water.

The longest odds.

Reddit | track123456789

These two people, who eventually wound up married, appeared in the other's photo years before they officially met for the first time.

That's a noodle-scratcher.

Reddit | 6ix_four

When you're looking for a golf ball, you're generally looking at the ground (or the water). But occasionally, the ball will hitch a ride on your person.


Reddit | JTamaX2

Two friends bought Nintendo Switches from the same limited run of three thousand. Look at the model numbers each one got.

Nature's ice cubes.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

What happens when you combine ice, steady wind and a wire fence? Well, in this scenario at least, you get this surreal scene.

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