Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About 'Sons Of Anarchy'

I like to consider myself a diehard when it comes to Sons of Anarchy. It was my mission to get as many of my friends watching it as possible when it first came out.

As you can imagine, I have some pretty strong opinions on the topic, as does the internet. Have a look as fans discuss their unpopular opinions about Sons of Anarchy.

Thanks Reddit!

JT's death still doesn't make any sense.


I feel like, over the course of the series, they flip-flopped back and forth so many times that I lost count.

Did Gemma and Clay tamper with his bike? Did John find out but still ride it anyway; was it a suicide or a murder? It's never abundantly clear.

Bobby is a better leader than Jax.


If you were looking for one word to define Jax's tenure as club President, it would be 'reactive.' He possesses absolutely no foresight and often reacts out of emotion instead of strategically.

Bobby is seasoned and truly loves the MC more than anything or anyone else.

There's a ton of nepotism in the show.


Did you ever stop to ask yourself how Jax got himself elected VP of SAMCRO when he's one of the youngest members in the entire charter?

Shouldn't it have been Piney, considering he was First 9 with Clay and JT?

Chucky was a pointless and useless addition to the cast.


Every single time I used to hear Chuky begrudgingly mutter "I accept that," my eyes would roll into the back of my skull.

SOA never had or needed a humor element, and it seemed that's the only thing Chucky ever attempted to bring to the table.

Tara was a miserable person.

Tara acts like a bored teenager at a family reunion for 95% of the time that we see her on-screen. She's an elitist with a superiority complex and a bad attitude.

I never understood what Jax saw in her.

Jax shouldn't have killed himself.


This tends to cut right down the middle. There are those who believe that Jax's death was not only necessary but poetic.

Others will argue that it was nothing more than a blatant attempt to bring the story full-circle.

There should have been a love story between Gemma and Unser.


Wayne has made it abundantly clear that he's harbored romantic feelings for Gemma for decades. Yet all she seemed intent on doing was running into the arms of the wrong man.

At least Wayne would have treated her right.

They should have kept Clay alive longer.

Clay Morrow was one of the better TV villains of the '00s. Yes, he deserved to die and his death was met with a resounding cheer from fans around the globe.

I'm not saying he didn't need to die, I'm just saying they pulled the trigger too soon.

Charlie Hunnam is obviously faking his accent.


This is tough to ignore. It is always apparent but when Charlie slips into his Old English ways, it completely shatters any illusion Jax Teller once possessed.

You can always hear it whenever Charlie says the word "family."

Jax saying the word "Darling" is cringeworthy.



Both Jax and Gemma do this on a regular basis and it's enough to make you want to rip your ears off and throw them in a pot of boiling water.

Opie is a boring character.

You have to admit it, Opie is a bit of a flat character. He's the strong silent type who "gives many a man thine ear but few thy voice."

Although, if my entire family was destroyed by SAMCRO, I'd probably be a little mopey too.

Tig and Venus had the most open and honest relationship on the show.


Easily one of the most unlikely relationships to blossom over the course of the series was Tig and Venus.

They never lied to one another, and they never asked the other to be anything other than who they were.

Jax should never have killed Gemma.


I'm not saying that Gemma didn't deserve to die for all that she'd done, but her actions weren't necessarily malicious. She thought she was defending her only son.

At the end of the day, she was still his Mom.

The show's theme song was terrible.

I have to agree with this one. I always found it to be just a little too on the nose for my tastes. I mean, come on: "The crow flies straight;" enough with the double entendre already.

Jax Teller is more of a monster than Clay Morrow ever was.


When you start to look back and Jax's means to justify his end, they begin looking eerily similar to those of Clay. Almost as if the President's chair has a way of corrupting the soul of whoever holds the gavel.

When you begin to compare body counts, it isn't even close. Jax is far eviler than Clay.