Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About 'The Big Bang Theory'

Whenever a show is as big and successful as The Big Bang Theory, it's bound to draw some debate. Among the fandom, there have been some less-than-popular opinions that have surfaced over the years.

So in order to have an honest discussion, I've decided to compile a list of fans discussing their unpopular opinions about The Big Bang Theory that I found on Reddit. Make sure to wear a helmet, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

The laugh track is cheesy and overused.

I always thought laugh tracks were insulting to the audience. If a joke is funny, people will laugh. It seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?

So why then do the writers treat us all as if we were idiots?

Amy and Sheldon sleeping together wrecked the entire series.


One Reddit user accused the show of pandering.

That by creating a situation in which Sheldon and Amy would engage in coitus, they were attempting to please a much larger (and uninitiated) audience.

Penny and Bernadette getting pregnant was a cop-out.


It's hard to disagree with this one. At multiple points throughout the series, both Penny and Bernadette have gone on record stating they wanted nothing to do with children.

So why attempt to paint them as these maternal figures?

Raj and Howard should have ended up together.

I for one would have loved to have seen this. Let's be honest, there's no chance that a woman like Bernadette would ever fall for a creep like Howard in the real world.

Raj and Howard's bromance evolving into a romance would have been bold, daring, and undoubtedly hilarious.

*The Big Bang Theory* pokes fun at the autistic community.


The writers and Jim Parsons have gone on record multiple times stating that Sheldon is not autistic. Don't forget, his mother had him tested.

His quirks and quarks are openly mocked in a very insensitive manner.

Sheldon's proposal to Amy seems highly suspect.


Are you telling me that Dr. Sheldon Cooper would drop everything, run to the airport, hop on the first plane to Newark, and propose to Amy all on a whim?

This is Sheldon Cooper we're talking about here! He doesn't even go to the bathroom unless it's at the scheduled time.

Bernadette's high-pitched voice is incredibly annoying.

If you look back on the first episode when Bernadette is introduced, her voice sounds completely different. Over the years, it got gradually higher in pitch.

To be honest, I always thought she sounded a lot like Karen Walker from Will & Grace.

The show leans a little too hard on overtly sexist humor.


Sheldon is nothing but a mouthpiece for foul and offensive humor, and we forgive him because he simply doesn't know any better.

But why on Earth do we let Howard get away with all of the misogynistic trash that falls out of his mouth?

Amy's obsession with Penny wasn't funny at all.


Some have even gone so far as to call it sickening. I always thought that Amy lived vicariously through Penny.

In this way, she was able to experience things (specifically sexual feelings) that she otherwise denied herself from experiencing.

Leonard is a bigger narcissist than Sheldon.

Leonard has been unfaithful in his relationships multiple times over. He openly insults Penny's profession and downplays her intelligence.

He also isn't above using people as props and pawns for his own personal and professional advancement.

Sheldon and Leonard living together makes zero sense.


Think about this for a second: both Sheldon and Leonard are employed by one of the more respectable universities in the state of California.

So how is it that a struggling actress waiting tables at The Cheesecake Factory can make ends meet when these two geniuses can't?

Raj is the worst character on the show.


What does Raj bring? He's whiny, entitled, and kind of a creeper. Do you know what kind of guys can only talk to women when they're drunk? Expletives — that's who.

This isn't the type of behavior we should be celebrating or encouraging.

Howard is creepy and annoying.

No matter how far The Big Bang Theory has come, never forget that Howard Wolowitz once used top-secret government satellites and technology to spy on a house full of models and "dropped by" unexpectedly.

Howard is just plain gross.

Penny and Leonard shouldn't have ended up together.


Professor Proton hit the nail on the head when he asked Leonard "what do you two talk about?" The answer is nothing because Leonard and Penny have nothing in common.

I say, bring back Zack!

Amy would be better off without Sheldon.


Amy is a saint and she deserves better than this man-child stuck in a perpetual state of arrested development.

I don't have time to get into all the nitty-gritty details, but if you give this a glance, it should more than suffice.

Sheldon and Beverly should have dated.


Don't hear what I'm not saying: I never wanted Beverly and Sheldon to end up together.

But you can't tell me it wouldn't have been hilarious to see these two sharing a cheeseburger at the Cheesecake Factory.

Stuart is a useless character who brings nothing to the show.


Stuart is the chump, the proverbial loser, the only character who should always look up for fear that a piano might fall on his head at any moment.

He never changed and his entire appeal vanished as quickly as it began.

Wil Wheaton and Sheldon should have stayed mortal enemies.

Not every character needs to grow and evolve. Some are fine staying the same as they always have been.

Was it a nice way to show character growth when Wil and Sheldon got over their spat? Perhaps. But it sacrificed one of the most hilarious longstanding feuds of the entire series.

"Bazinga" is a terrible catchphrase.


I never understood why the writers felt like they needed to force feed audiences double doses of Jim Parsons. He's a brilliant actor who needs no assistance from anyone, least of all a cheesy and tired catchphrase.

*The Big Bang Theory* makes fun of those with social anxiety.


One of the earliest running gags of the show involved Raj's inability to talk to women. The only thing that loosened him up was drinking alcohol.

Shyness and anxiety aren't things to be mocked, they're serious mental health issues.

The show is built on a foundation of negative stereotypes surrounding nerd culture.

Do you know how much money the Marvel movie franchises have made since their inception? Roughly $23 billion.

It isn't uncommon to like elements of superhero culture; it literally shapes our paradigm. So why are the guys always made to look and feel like such outsiders?

*The Big Bang Theory* normalizes casual racism.


Every single second that Mary Cooper is on-screen, she's saying something politically incorrect. It usually has to do with Raj's Indian heritage, although she's also been known to take potshots at Howard's belief in Judaism as well.

Amy is actually the most obnoxious member of the group.

Amy possesses one key character trait that none of the guys have: confidence.

She's able to use this to her advantage by manipulating the situation and those around her to get what she wants.

The fact that Sheldon has any friends at all is completely unbelievable.


Ask yourself one simple question: Would you be Sheldon's friend? Of course you wouldn't.

In fact, I bet you'd be more likely to bury Sheldon in the desert than to invite him over for dinner.

Why would Bernadette have to take a job waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory?


Think about this for a second, Bernadette is a brilliant microbiologist working in a predominantly male field.

Wouldn't she have been able to pick up some lab work or at least work as a TA?

The fact that we never actually got to see Howard's mother was lazy, not funny.


Making Howard's mother the invisible fat lady who yells too much left her wide-open to ridicule.

She became one of the show's many scapegoats for outdated and offensive humor.

Syndication led to oversaturation.

I would be willing to wager (for those of you with cable) that if you got up from your computer and turned on your TV, you'd be able to find an old re-run of TBBT playing somewhere on some station.

After a while, audiences just got sick of watching.

The theme song is annoying.

If I never hear this stupid song again it will be too soon. Nothing against the band. In fact, I'm a huge BNL fan.

But I'll be singing this theme song in my grave and probably well into the afterlife.

Leonard and Priya should have ended up together.


If you're looking for the woman who, on paper, made the most sense for Leonard, then it has to be Priya, without a doubt.

She challenged him in a way that Penny never could nor ever will be able to do.

*Fun With Flags* wasn't fun at all.


What was I saying earlier about contrived methods of humor involving Jim Parsons?

I'm not saying Fun With Flags didn't have its moments, but on the whole, this was nothing more than a space filler.

*The Big Bang Theory* is overrated.


This show is a classic example of a herd or mob mentality. The Emperor literally has no clothes yet we're all too caught up in the frenzy to be able to admit what's right in front of our faces.