DIY Pom-Pom Wreaths Put A Colorful Spin On A Christmas Classic

Most crafters are more than a little familiar with pom-poms. They're fuzzy, they're colorful and they make some of the best DIY projects.

We're pretty sure 'tis the season to try making your own DIY pom-pom Christmas wreaths. They're simple to make and so festive.

Turn on your classic holiday tunes and have your supplies handy, because it's time to show some Christmas cheer with your pom-poms this year.

Don't be afraid to flaunt a little or a lot of color.

There's honestly no going wrong when it comes to creating your own unique Christmas wreath.

Some people prefer theirs to be loud and bright, while others may have a more specific color scheme.

With so many options, most people, (like us!) end up with a pile of several different pom-pom wreaths because they're just so much fun to make!

They can be quite elegant.

There are so many sources of inspiration for those that aren't sure where to get started.

From Pinterest to Instagram, people are stepping it up when it comes to these DIY pom-pom wreaths.

From elegant to being specialty themed, these wreaths are proving that there's nothing that these little pom-poms can't do.

Also, the kids will love these.

This is a great DIY family project that even younger kids can enjoy, and even if they don't, they usually love playing with the pom-poms.

Without requiring much or any cutting, or large technical equipment, this DIY is mostly gluing the pom-poms and other goodies together to reveal a beautiful design.

They're kind of out of this world amazing.

Making these adorable Christmas wreaths can be as affordable as heading to the dollar store for some supplies or as expensive as heading to a high-end art supplies store. It's really up to whoever makes it.

With lots of inspiration, various places for supplies and the holiday magic upon us, there really isn't any way to resist these Christmas wreaths.

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you plan to make your own festive pom-pom Christmas wreath.

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