10+ Of The Worst Main Movie Characters Of All Time

Having an interesting, well-written main character that fans enjoy is often the key to making a great film.

However, not all the main characters in our favorite movies are wonderful. Sometimes, the protagonist nearly ruins an otherwise awesome movie, and other times, there are side characters who were more compelling.

Here are 10+ of the worst main movie characters of all time.

Jake Sully from *Avatar.*

Fans couldn't understand why Jake would fall in love with Neytiri but not tell her anything about why the humans were there and that they planned to destroy her planet.

While he might have sided with the Na'vi in the end, he could have stopped things earlier on and saved many lives.

Cady Heron from *Mean Girls.*

While Cady starts out as an innocent homeschooler, she soon replaces Regina George as the meanest girl in school.

Some viewers couldn't stand how she excused her own bad behavior and turned into the kind of person she was supposed to be standing against.

Frodo Baggins

While Frodo might be the Ring-Bearer, fans got upset with how he treated Sam. It was also hard to relate to his struggles at times.

And, other than that, many fans felt that Aragorn and other characters were much more compelling and interesting to watch.

Christine from *Lady Bird.*

While this movie might be well-written, some fans feel that Lady Bird herself was way too self-absorbed and selfish.

She was obviously a teenager that had a lot of growing up to do and a lot to learn about being thankful, but some fans just thought she was obnoxious.

Anakin Skywalker

While some fans feel he gets more hate than he deserves and are excited that Disney+ plans to release a spin-off series featuring him, others couldn't stand him.

They found the character too whiny and emotional, and they didn't feel his story was very compelling given he turned into Darth Vader.

Sandy from *Grease.*

Sandy's whole innocent vibe was a bit annoying to some fans, but the real reason fans were upset with her as a character is because she changed everything about herself for Danny.

It wasn't a very empowering message to have her change herself for a man.

Owen Grady from *Jurassic World.*

While some fans liked this reboot, others felt it didn't have the same charm and suspense of the original.

Owen Grady was just not as good of a main character as Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, and he felt less believable as an expert on dinosaurs.

Harry Potter

While Harry might be the Chosen One, some fans found him too selfish and lacking in common sense to really enjoy him.

He might now be the worst main character out there, but it's hard not to argue that Hermione would have been better as the protagonist.


Cinderella might be one of the most iconic Disney princesses ever, but she's not a particularly compelling main character.

Newer princesses actually have their own personalities and interests, and some of the older ones just seem like boring relics of their time to some fans.

Tom Hansen from *500 Days of Summer.*

Make no mistake that Summer wasn't a perfect character either. However, Tom believed he was entitled to her from the start.

He puts all of his dreams, hopes, and emotions on her, and he never really is willing to listen to what she wants.

Annie from *Bridesmaids.*

While we are supposed to feel bad for Annie and her issues, they seemed like really shallow problems to some fans.

Instead of just fixing her issues, she whined about them. While this movie might be really funny, some fans just wanted Annie to grow up and take control of her life.

Bella Swan

To be fair, some of the Bella Swan hate was kind of sexist, but, on the other hand, she's not the best role model.

But, either way, she could be annoying as the main character, and she did a lot of things that put herself and others at risk.

Briony Tallis from *Atonement.*

Atonement is an extremely upsetting and frustrating story because of the actions of Briony.

While she might not mean to destroy the lives of her sister, Cecilia, and of Robbie, she then tries to make everything seem okay. Fans just couldn't forgive what she did.


While fans enjoyed Peter Quill in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, his obnoxious personality and emotional outbursts started to grate on fans after a while.

What really upset fans, however, was when he freaked out on Thanos and kept the other heroes from getting the Infinity Gauntlet.

P.T. Barnum from *The Greatest Showman.*

This film isn't historically accurate by any means, and the real Barnum was much worse.

However, even in the movie version, fans couldn't stand how he exploited other people to make money and how he treated both his wife, Charity, and Jenny Lind.