Bob Barker Celebrates His 97th Birthday

When it comes to iconic gameshow hosts, Bob Barker has to be one of the most recognizable names in the game. That's the praise and recognition you get for hosting a popular game show for 35 years!

The Price is Right was the best medicine for kids staying home sick from school, the best background noise for those morning clean-ups, and a great opportunity for people to make themselves look crazy on national television... You know, before reality TV did that for them.

Now, it's time to celebrate the acclaimed TV host as he celebrates his 97th birthday!

Mr. Barker is included in my elite list of Bobs — Bob Hope, Bob Ross, Bob Marley, Bob Saget, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, and Bob Newhart.

Sure, the list may not sound that exclusive, but it is! You'd be surprised to know how many jerks named Bob I've met in my life.

You know who is the furtherest person from a jerk? Bob Barker!

Born in Darrington, Washington, back in 1923, Bob has had his fair share of monumental moments, even enlisting in the Navy during World War II.

Coming from modest beginnings, the now famous host worked hard for everything he has.

As real fans will know, Bob's TV hosting career started long before *The Price is Right.*

After moving to California in 1950 to pursue a career in broadcasting, he was given his own radio show, "The Bob Barker Show," which ran successfully for six years!

Making a career shift in 1956, he took his hosting gig for the game show Truth or Consequences.

That moment changed everything and sparked his natural talent for being on stage. He went on to host various game shows, and even got the prestigious honor of hosting the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants for twenty years, from 1967 to 1987. Nearly 35 years later, he still holds the distinction of being the longest-serving host of these pageants.

In 1972, he took the most important job of his life as the host of The Prince is Right.

It's hard to imagine *The Price is Right* without Mr. Barker, even though I know he has been replaced for 13 years now!

Let's just say, I don't watch The Price Is Right nearly as much anymore.

Sorry, Drew Carey!

Bob was not only the coolest cat on television, he was also a hair revolutionist! In October of 1987, Bob did what other TV personalities didn't have the guts to do and started rocking his naturally gray hair on TV.

If that isn't the career rundown of a legend, I don't know what is! Happy birthday, Bob!

P.S. Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered!

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