10+ 'Vikings' Storylines That Were Never Resolved

While some fans hoped for more seasons, Vikings ended with season six of the series.

Overall, the creators knew enough ahead of time about the end of the series that they were able to wrap up a lot of the main storylines, but not all of them were completely resolved.

Here are 10+ _Vikings_ storylines that weren't wrapped up and that fans still have questions about.

What the point of Thorunn was...

Thorumn was Bjorn's first wife, and many fans feel that she didn't get much of a storyline.

The series doesn't mention much about her after she leaves, and lots of viewers felt like this was a waste of her introduction as a character.

Why Kattegut is left without a seer...

The Seer is a prominent figure in the series until the character is killed off in season five.

Seeing as how having a Seer was important to the people of Kattegut, it's a bit strange that they never seek out to find a new one to replace him after his death.

Sigurd's destiny

Aslaug says that Sigurd is destined to have special powers and that he has a look about him that's a "snake in the eye."

While he was set up to have some special destiny, this doesn't turn out to be the case. He dies randomly, so all of this foreshadowing meant nothing.

Why Ragnar praised Aslaug for her childcare skills...

Aslaug was the one responsible for Little Siggy's death because she didn't look after her well enough.

However, Ragnar then praises her for not poisoning his sons against him, but he doesn't have anything to say about the fact that his granddaughter died while in her care.

What will happen to King Alfred's alliance?

After Alfred becomes the king, he offers land to Ubbe, Torvi, and Bjorn. But, seeing as Torvi is the only person left alive (that we know of), she's the only one there to take the land promised to her.

Viewers never got to see if this happened or not and want to know if the alliance held.

What was the point of Floki's settlement?

Floki is convinced that he can find Asgard, but it never really works out for him.

Many fans felt like this storyline didn't really belong in the show, and while it was mostly to show things about Floki as a character, it didn't seem to have much of a point.

Is Bjorn really dead?

In season six, Bjorn was stabbed by his rival, Ivar, on a beach and then left for dead.

However, it was done in a way to leave his status open, and many fans still think that he's alive. Overall, his storyline was left unfinished.

The Kassia storyline.

The character of Kassia is introduced in season five, and there were many allusions to her having some sort of mysterious power.

However, the character was only in three episodes, and her storyline was left and abandoned after that.

This made many fans wonder what was up with her or why she was included at all.

If Floki died or not...

Floki goes to explore a cave in Helheim that he believes to be Asgard, but he then finds a Christain cross symbol there and laughs while a sudden rock slide buries him.

While viewers assume that he's dead, there isn't much information given about what happened to him for sure.

Fans wanted a Lagertha comeback.

Fans were upset when Lagertha died as she had become one of the most interesting characters on the show.

While it's made pretty clear that she's in Valhalla now, fans still felt there was room for more of her and that she died too early.

Rollo's Normandy family.

In seasons four and five, viewers learned that Bjorn is actually Rollo's son.

However, even though viewers had seen scenes of Bjorn's French wife, Gisla, and their three children, they aren't mentioned again.

His other three children just become an afterthought.

Where is the Emir?

In season five when Bjorn goes to Africa, he finally meets the real Emir.

Before they suffer a pretty twisted fate, a sandstorm appears that allows them to escape. Bjorn sees the Emir and Kassia escaping, but we never hear anything about the Emir after that.

What happened to Torvi and Asa?

After Bjorn's daughter, Siggy, died, and his first wife left, he then married Torvi. They had a daughter together named Asa, but Bjorn didn't stay with them.

While fans presume that these two characters are still in Iceland, we don't know for sure what happened to them.

Therese and Roland's relationship.

Including a storyline with incest is always going to be uncomfortable, but it does make some sense given the historical basis of the show.

However, the relationship between Therese and Roland was really unnecessary, and fans also felt like it was included for no real point.

What happened to King Harald?

King Harald is always trying to gain more power, and he plans revenge left and right.

Yet, the show leaves him dying on a mountainside, and fans want to know if he is dead for sure or not. They also felt like it wasn't a fitting ending for him.