10+ Hacks From People Who Are Ahead Of The Curve

Isn't it amazing when you stumble upon a better way of doing something you've always done? Heck, if it saves you time and effort, then I say, why not?

These folks came up with some pretty nifty tricks we could all use. Check them out and take notes because they might come in handy sometime.

1. This DIY Haircut

Even though I wouldn't necessarily suggest that you give yourself a haircut, when you do it like this guy, I think it could actually work out. He's showing some mad haircutting skills here. Am I right?

2. This Cellphone Charging Idea

What do you do when you need to charge your cellphone, but the outlet is way too far up on the wall? You can follow this person's way of thinking and just do that. That's right.

This A/C Hack

Oh my, what in the heck is going on in this cab? Haha, this is one unorthodox solution if I've ever seen one. My question for him would be, "Why no central AC?" but, heck, if this works, then why not?

This Noodle Eating Hack

OMG, what? If this isn't the most genius way to eat noodles I really don't know what could be. The only thing I've got to ask myself is, "Why didn't I think of that?"

This Facemask Hack

How do you make your facemask fit better around your head? Well, this guy came up with something that clearly works easier for him. I don't know if I would go that far but it does look more fun.

This Pizza Delivery

I don't think I believe my eyes. Am I seeing what I'm seeing? Is this person getting a pizza delivered by a drone to his balcony? How is it that I haven't heard of this? Is it the year 3020 already?

This Garbage Can

Wow, who knew that a garbage can with a compartment like this one existed? Where do I even get my hands on one of these? I need this in my life. It will make cleaning so much easier, no?

This Mustard Gun

Who wants to use just an ordinary condiment dispenser when you can have way more fun with this mustard gun? I can't see anything cooler than that. I bet your kids will get such a kick out of this idea.

This Leftover Wine Hack

Have you ever had wine go bad on you because you didn't drink that bottle fast enough after opening it? Did you know you can freeze leftover wine to use as ice cubes or in a cooking recipe? Yes, it's true!

These Christmas Lights

This proves that when they say, "There's an app for that," they really do mean that. Wouldn't it be so fun to get your Christmas tree lights synchronized like that? I need this right now.

This Impromptu Tripod

Who needs a fancy and expensive tripod when you've got your legs? Ha, ha! I don't know how long I could do this before I get tired, but with these young limbs, she could go on for a while.

This Jack Hack

How do you watch a show or a movie with only one iPhone? It's easy when you're this guy. It looks to me like he's got the magic jack for every situation, ha, ha! And, I like that.

This Cheating Hack

Not that I condone you cheating on a test or anything like that. But I do know how difficult school can be since I grew up in Europe. I wish I came up with this cheat notes idea back then, hee, hee.

While we're all still living in 2020, it seems like these folks fast-forwarded to 3020 with these useful and fun hacks.

What do you think of their ideas, huh? Aren't they pretty genius or what? I can get on board with most of them for sure!