Parents Online Share Their Epic Elf On The Shelf Fails

It's that time of the year again! The Elf on the Shelf is back, much to the dismay of many parents. While some go all-out creating Pinterest-perfect elf scenes, others aren't quite as creative when it comes to this annual holiday tradition. Guess which group of parents is featured in this article?

This elf straight-up drowned.

"First picture is what I thought my kids would wake up to. I didn't prepare for the off chance the tape didn't hold. So my children woke up to an elf that drowned in last night's spaghetti pot."

That's iconic.

This reveal didn't go to plan.

This mom wanted to announce her elf's annual arrival with a balloon and a festive package. That adorable kitten to the left had other plans.

That kitten did nothing wrong and should not be charged!

This parent set their elf on fire.

"Throwback to that time we set our creepy elf on fire last year. OOOPS, don’t let your elves sit on light fixtures, y’all."

Note to self: elves and lightbulbs don't mix.

Design is important.

"Buddy the Elf straight out of Elf quarantine and ready to cause some mischief...

He thought he might say "hello"..

But my Kinders read it as help!"

I also read it as help. You gotta cut the tail!

Beware of cat.

"Did a cute angel thing for the elf. The cat thought it was litter and did a giant [expletive] on my kitchen side. I’m [expletive] fuming."

Cats are as evil as they are hilarious. I love them.

This idea was good in theory...

"Brandon woke up to find Berry an well Brandon said that’s the creepiest thing his elf has done and he doesn’t like it."

I don't like it either! He looks like Jack Skellington: the later years.

Your elf may not mix well with water.

"This started out really cute and fun, but now my seven-year [sic] is screaming that he can't go take a shower because the elves will see him naked.

And when I said I'd move them he burst into tears because Santa won't be able to find them. "

At this point, I think animals and elves don't mix.

"I was thinking to myself that Watson was being too quiet and went downstairs to assess. THIS is what I found!"

Watson the dog found a new snack! Good for him.

That was not the right color bubble gum for that job.

If you're going to make it look like your elf is farting out bubble gum, maybe choose a color other than green, just in case the bubble deflates. Just a fun tip.

Swim well, Elfette.

"Elfette took a chocolate chip dump but fell in. (NOT INTENTIONAL!!!)"

I feel like poop jokes just don't work with Elf on the Shelf. We need to avoid poop jokes at all costs.

This came out of a horror movie.

"When you try and bring that dreaded elf back and someone showers and melts your "be good" message!"

It looks like it just says "od," tbh. How ominous.

Expectations versus reality.

"Baby boy wakes up and searches for his elf. He finds her and says she drew on the bananas. I asked what she drew and he says "nothing, she just scribbled on them". Ugh, fail!!"

Maybe don't use super ripe bananas for this one.

This is horrifying.

"I killed our elf. PSA: Elves don't like light fixtures."

This elf is the single scariest thing I've ever seen and I would like to stop looking at it now. Thank you.

This is a sure-fire way to ruin your wedding pictures.

"Ok so top tip, if the Elf decides to doodle on any pictures in your home...... Make sure he uses a wipeable marker."

Oh my GOD. May I recommend a magic eraser for that job?

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