10+ 'Sons Of Anarchy' Storylines That Were Were Never Really Resolved

Sons of Anarchy might have finished back in 2014, but this doesn't mean that fans don't still have a lot of feelings about the show.

One thing that can still weigh on fans' minds when a favorite show ends is all the unfinished storylines that will never be wrapped up.

Here are 10+ _Sons of Anarchy_ storylines that were never really resolved.

The identity of the homeless woman.


This woman was a recurring character on the show who would often show up when characters were considering doing something especially wild.

However, her identity is never revealed. Fans never got to know why she was there exactly or if she had a connection to any of the other characters.

The relationship between Jarry and Chibs.


At the end of the show, there was a new relationship forming between these two characters.

There weren't many hints given about how that relationship was going to go, and fans wanted to know if there is any way these two could have lasted.

Unser's crush on Gemma.


Sheriff Wayne Unser has a crush on Gemma that seems to have started when he was very young.

He was pretty intense about this crush, even though she wasn't interested in him back. However, the crush situation is never really resolved or explored very deeply.

Lincoln Potter leaving.


After the agents from the Galindo Cartel investigation force him to stop, Potter basically leaves Charming and doesn't try to fight back.

Given that the show spent so long setting up the character and showing his determination, this didn't make a lot of sense and seemed like a waste.

Jax had a sister in Ireland.


The show focuses a lot on family and family drama, so it was weird when the storyline about Jax's half-sister, Trinity Ashby, was pretty much dropped.

She never becomes a part of the series and isn't mentioned again after he meets her.

Who Milo Was


Many fans wanted to know more about the identity of Milo and if or how he connected to other characters on the show.

Seeing as how Milo was driving the truck that Jax ran into when he died and that he also was the traveler that Gemma met, viewers thought Milo's identity must have meant something. However, nothing was ever really revealed.

Why a woman never rides on a motorcycle.

While fans know the show deals a lot with men and has a lot of toxic masculinity, even die-hard fans have wondered why they never let a woman ride any of the motorcycles.

It is definitely kind of weird.

Sub-plots surrounding brothels.


While this kind of business was mentioned on the show as a potential source of income for the Sons, these sub-plots didn't really go anywhere.

Some fans even feel they hurt the plot more than helped it, and they were only there to add drama.

The fact that the characters didn't gain national attention.

It seems like most of the violent crimes that happen in Charming, California are linked in some way to the characters on the show.

While they definitely have a lot of trouble with the law and different government agencies, they aren't as notorious as they should be.

It's weird they never got much national attention for all the wild things happening.

The well-being of Opie's children.

Opie asks Lyla, to take care of his kids before he saves Jax by sacrificing his own life.

However, after his death, we never really hear anything else about his children, Kenny and Ellie.

Tara never being fired.

As Tara Knowles takes up work as a doctor once again, she gets in trouble when she starts fixing the gunshot wounds on Sons members.

However, this storyline is eventually dropped. There are fewer scenes of her working, but she's never shown to be fired either.

Lack of follow through on the school shooting episode.


This was one of the most disturbing things that happened in the series.

It was frustrating that the Sons basically, once again, got away with being the source for the gun supply in Charming.

Lee Toric getting diagnosed with Huntington's.


Lee Toric is a former U.S. Marshal who makes things very difficult for the Sons until he dies in season six.

He was given Huntington's disease in the show which was supposed to explain some of his mannerisms like twitching. However, this diagnosis wasn't really incorporated much.

What happened to Missy the Dog?


If you introduce something bad happening to a dog, viewers are going to want to know the entire story.

So, when Tig said he didn't trust Kozik after something with his dog, Missy, fans wanted an explanation.

The details are never revealed except that he was somehow responsible for the dog's death.

Abel Teller's future life.


Abel Teller is a kid who gets traumatized by the events going on around him, but Gemma gives him his father's ring.

Fans still want to know if Abel eventually ends up joining the Sons or if he was able to get help for his trauma and find a different life.