10+ Pics That Made Us Reconsider Shopping Online

Did you know there are only a few days left to get all your Christmas shopping done? So you better hurry up and order that stuff you've been eyeing online.

But be careful, make sure you don't make the same mistakes these people made. The most important part of shopping online is reading the descriptions. Do that right, and you'll be all set.

1. These Tweezers

What did I tell you? Read the descriptions, people.

This lady wanted regular tweezers but what she ended up with is some medical equipment. Hmm, try using that to pluck your eyebrows. No, really do it. I dare you.

2. This Christmas Ornament

This person thought they were ordering a cute Lego Christmas ornament.

But for $9 apiece, they would have been better off using real Legos and making one themselves. Perhaps this ornament is for a mini Christmas tree?

3. These Wedding Bands

We are yet to buy wedding rings, but it's safe to say I'm not going to go the online route.

Why? Because I don't want this to happen to us. I would be so pissed.

4. This Dog Bed

This person thought they were doing the right thing by ordering an XL dog bed for their German shepherd, only they got the surprise of their life once they received it.

This XL is more like an XS, lol.

5. This Backpack

Oh my goodness, what a cute backpack. Wait a minute, is it the size of a lollipop? What the heck?

I guess this lady didn't realize it was a backpack for a doll or something like that.

6. These AirPods

Is this a blowdryer or an AirPod, ha, ha? Well, it isn't either.

Some lady bought this item online, thinking she was getting genuine AirPods, only when they arrived, they were larger than life. You can say that again.

7. This Christmas Sweater

I've honestly never shopped at online places like Wish before. There is a reason for it.

I don't trust things that look too good to be true. This festive sweater would have been so cute, though.

8. This Baby Shoe

I can understand getting the wrong size of the shoe you ordered, but it's quite another to get a baby-sized one.

If I got something like this in the mail, I wouldn't be too impressed by it.

9. This Right Shoe Dilemma

Speaking of ordering the wrong shoes, get a load of this story. This person ordered online and what they got was one right shoe.

Then they “fixed” the issue by sending over two more right shoes.

10. This Christmas Wreath

Wow, what a gorgeous Christmas wreath. I would totally order this online. Sadly, this person took a chance and what she received wasn't even close to the picture.

What an absolute shame. Maybe she can use it for a dollhouse, hee, hee.

11. These Boots

Here's the thing about buying boots online: You never know how they're going to look.

Am I right? This person thought they were getting some heavy-duty ones but ended up with rubber ones that look like this.

12. This Rug

Do you want a cozy rug just in time for Christmas? I hear you, a great rug does make a place a lot more warm and comfy.

The only thing is, make sure you've got the dimensions right, ha, ha!

13. This Dustpan

Holy moly, is that a dustpan this lady is holding? I'm used to seeing things way smaller than advertised, but this one is quite the opposite.

Where in the heck is she going to store it? That's what I would like to know.

14. This Beauty Mask

You may be tempted to buy a beauty mask online, especially if it's reasonably priced, but be warned.

This lady took a chance, and I bet she didn't expect to receive this instead. Ha, ha, this is hilarious.

15. This Romper

Shopping for clothes online can be such a gamble. After all, the pictures always make the clothes look so good.

But then, when you try it on, it can be a completely different story, just like this lady found out.

16. This Yoga Mat

Clearly, this lady didn't read the description of this yoga mat correctly. Perhaps it was a mat for a pet or something like that.

Well, she can just use it to wipe the floors with, no?

17. This Dress

See, this is exactly what I mean. When you see clothing pictured online, it always looks so pretty and flowy.

But when you try it on in real life, there's no wind to make it look better, lol.

18. This Blanket

This person admits that buying this particular blanket online was a gamble.

Unfortunately, their gamble didn't pay off in the end. I can't get over the pitiful mess they received instead of the cozy blanket they thought they were getting.

19. This Hoodie

Oh my goodness, how cute is this hoodie? No wonder this lady wanted to get it so badly.

Sadly, the fit of it is totally off. Shucks, it would have been so adorable if it worked out, huh?

20. This Mini Backpack

Somebody bought this cute backpack for their child but soon realized that it was too small for even them.

So what were they to do? They put it on their cat, ha, ha. I wonder if he likes it?

21. This Sweatshirt

Here's another example of how pretty clothes look on an online model. But in reality, they might not be as cute as you imagined.

In this case, the sleeves on this sweatshirt are way too long for a normal human being.

22. This Pillow

This guy thought he was sweet when he bought his girlfriend a pillow with his face on it for when she went to university.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as he had hoped. OMG, that's actually scary.

23. This Costume Dress

Wow, this dress looks so fabulous online. Doesn't it? It's like a dress made for a Barbie or something.

Sadly, what this lady received isn't even close to what she was looking for here. This one looks so cheap.

Okay, now that I've scared you off of shopping online, are you still going to go for it?

If you are, then you're braver than I thought, ha, ha!

But in all seriousness, have you ever gotten scammed shopping online? Let me know your stories.