17+ Wives Who Found Their Own Way To Do Things

Married life can be a real rollercoaster of emotion, as some people love to go out of their way to annoy their significant other!

So, from husbands sticking things to the ceiling to husbands who play jokes that are far too juvenile for them, here are 17+ wives who are unimpressed to say the least.

"My husband has been sticking these in places I can't reach to annoy me. It's working."

Yeah, I can see how that would get annoying. I am also going to absolutely be doing this to my partner now, thank you very kindly.

The Most Underwhelming Vegetarian Option Ever...

The person who encountered this wrote, "When my wife's school said they had BBQ for Teacher Appreciation week, she was excited to hear to there was a vegetarian option! It was a potato with BBQ sauce."

"My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses!"

I think that it is a bloody perfect picture, profile-picture worthy even! However, she doesn't look too impressed...on either of her faces.

"I told my wife to update our dry erase calendar since it was last done in July. This is her update." it doesn't, to be honest. My calendar is in a similar state, except that it occasionally says "Buy more wine..."

"Pregnant wife ordered cheese fries, this isn't going to end well..."

Never get into an argument with a customer service employee over the semantics of what is cheese fries and what is cheese and's an hour you'll never get back, trust me.

"The real strain of quarantine is having to see daily how my husband cuts his sandwich."

For Christ's sake, the corners are right there, you can see them right there! Use them as a damn guide! Argh!

Wow, I need to go calm down for a second, sorry.

"SIL got married, this is the second she realized she got BBQ sauce on her dress. Hubby still golden."

The only question I have here is, what did this guy do to his head to get it so shiny for this picture?

"I put a rake in our flag holder to see how long it would take my wife to say something. It's been three days."

I reckon that she has noticed but just doesn't want to point it out as you are too old to be doing such things...I've experienced that many times myself.

"Who does this? My wife. My wife does this. I'm doomed."

I just thought that I would throw this one in for a little balance, so that people could see that there are some husbands out there who are unimpressed as well!

"Wife had an ultrasound, I took a photo of the print out so she could send to everyone. I sent her this image and she sent it to everyone before realising."

This person went on to say that their wife was decidedly less than amused. Still, I bet it was worth it...hopefully!

"Wife asked me to pick up a roll of Hannukah wrapping paper. The criteria I was given was 'It should be blue and white.' Mission accomplished."

I think that this is perfect! I mean, I'd be interested to see how it goes down, but they filled the brief technically correctly!

"I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke."

There is all the different stages of a dad joke here, disappointment, bewilderment, fury, and reluctant delight.

"My wife left me instructions for dinner. She thinks she married a moron."

I would love this kind of treatment! I'd gladly take being thought of as a simpleton for easy-to-assemble meals like these!

"How my husband stacks plates and platters."

He has to be doing this on purpose! I refuse to believe that there are people who could look at this and not see the problem.

The Perfect Cover-Up!

The father who posted this explained, "My wife doesn't want our newborn son's face posted on social media, so she asked me to censor over it. Needless to say, I won't be asked to do that again."

"My wife found a subtle way to deal with the neighborhood salesmen."

I cannot think of what she could possibly do to be any more clear here, aside from taking potshots from a sniper's tower at people walking up the path.

Happily Married!

Ah yes, this truly is the sign of two people who couldn't live without one another! Are you really a couple if you both aren't "already very disturb"?

"'It's always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks.' — Wife Jan2020 -32°C.

I have a similar problem in our house, except it is just various animals that are sat on the bloody vents.

"Coworker thinks her husband doesn't take nice pics of her. This is his contact photo for her."

I both cannot believe that she let him use this photo, and that this cat is so calm about being help upside down!

"A little friendly reminder from my wife..."

At least she gave you a choice in the situation, it's a bit of a one-sided choice but still!