18+ Times People ‘Fixed’ Things And ‘Made Them Better’

There are few things quite like the unique feeling of success when you fix something that isn't working.

So, from fixing coffee machines that need a bit of pizzazz to fixing warning signs that aren't quite terrifying enough, please enjoy these 18+ times people "fixed" things and "made them better"!

"My gf was not nearly as amused as I was."

That really makes that morning coffee even more appealing! Nothing like a coffee enema to kick off the day.

"The Classic Dothog!"

What kind of monster would do this to a perfectly good hotdog? This is downright sacrilege.

"See, there's yer problem. There, see?"

That tow truck is trying its best, damn it. Sure, it may have done a ton of damage dragging this car around like this, but it's the thought that counts!

"I graduate from my master's program next Sunday so I thought this would be appropriate."

Mmmm, yeah, there really is nothing like that crippling student debt hanging over your head to put you randomly on a downer in your day-to-day life!

"Don't apologize, it happens?"

"Sorry for the incontinence? But does that mean... Oh, God, I need to find a toilet immediately!"

"This ship's electrical hazard sign is terrifying..."

I've never thought of getting an electric shock as being shanked by a smiling electrical demon before, but I will never think of it in any other way from now on.

"No, I do not need to secure the load, I'll unload it soon."

Oh, wow, now that looks like a financial headache! And a literal headache probably after they slammed into the back of the driver's head.

"I decided it was faster to draw the QR codes, boss!"

I mean, it probably was faster to draw them on... Not sure it will have the desired effect though in the long term.

"'Nough said!"

Someone pointed out that this is how they used to write when they needed to bump up a word count on an essay, and I can absolutely relate to that struggle!

"I made it wheelchair accessible boss!"

You'd need arms like Garth to get up that incredibly steep incline in a wheelchair, that's for sure!

"A road at my hometown. No explanation exists as to why."

I guess that there must have been a very belligerent and tired elephant sleeping in the road that day so they just had to paint around it?

"What do you mean by 'This is a historical monument'?"

Personally, I think that historical monuments look pretty dashing with wires hanging from their walls...wait, no, the other thing, they look hideous.

That Seems Sufficient!

"Can I buy this book, please?"

"Err, where did you take that from?"

"The back, why?"


"This mailbox I found near my grandparents' house, the guy is an appliance repairman..."

"Excuse me, can I get my mail, please?"

"Bloody hell, mate, give us a second, my burrito is nearly done!"

"How have I lived for 30 years and never seen this done before?"

I can imagine that, while this may be novel for some, bank tellers must be absolutely sick of this joke!

"Someone altered a deer crossing sign in upstate NY."

If you have been in an accident that wasn't your fault involving a centaur, then please contact a psychiatrist.

"This pops back up almost as fast as it can get painted over!"

Pfft, you know that it is really Godzilla doing this, he's always been a shameless self-publicist!

"I love tattoos with commentary..."

Sure, it is still pretty ghastly, but at least now he is kind of self-aware? So...that's something.

"[Am] I losing my mind or is the first X upside down?"

The beauty of this is that most people wouldn't have noticed, but now that you pointed it out, it's all they'll be able to see.

"Made the stairs boss!"

Reddit | NathanR5686

Practice your balance and test your luck every time you go inside!

"Ended up putting pepper in my pasta... WHY IS THE PEPPER WHITE AND THE SALT BLACK?!"

Because some designers are out to fill the world with minor inconveniences. They want to see society fall at the hands of black-labeled salt.

"The way you’re supposed to read this book."

This book is already about math, something I will never comprehend, but now the words are playing tricks on me too? Can't trust anything these days.

"There's always a loophole."

One hyphen. That's all it would have taken to save you from smartasses like this.

"Finished labeling the package, boss."

Y'know, horseback biking, sail biking, and snow biking!

"I only have one of each color. I don’t know where the other half went."

I really think that we, as a society, should embrace mismatched socks more. Makes life a little cuter.

"I put up the sign boss."

Hey, there's still some space around the sign. Bikes are small, they'll totally fit.

"Big Ben Looks Funny."

Maybe these are two different statements. They love London and the Eiffel Tower.

"I need these business cards."

These are a power move. "Wanted to hire me? Too bad, I'm off the market, don't speak to me."

"The spout! USE THE SPOUT!"

We all know someone who makes things more difficult than they need to be. They would do this.

"The amount of plastic [on] these individually wrapped candy canes."

For Christmas this year, I'm giving the gift of pollution.

"At least it’s not breakable I guess [...]."

If a cute rhyme doesn't deter them, nothing will!

"Rest smoor."

Rest s' some more...on it!

"One of my guys sent me this today..."

Now, I've seen my dad and grandfather do some ridiculously dangerous things in the name of DIY in the past, but this blows them all out of the water!

"Installed new shower curtains boss."

I cannot even begin to understand the mind of someone who would do this. Just...why?

"How do you mess this up so badly?"

There had better be an astronomically good reason as to why they had to commit this brain-itchingly annoying error.