Dad Redecorates Kids' Christmas Tree To Make It Look 'Balanced'

When the holidays roll around, most families are prepping their homes with various decorations and getting really into the spirit of the season. Many times, parents are the ones who decorate the house to make sure it looks perfect and presentable for friends and family who may come over for the holiday season. Other times, it's the kids who are involved in the decoration process.

Once in a while, some families have their children step up and decorate their homes for the holidays.

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Sometimes, families and parents have their kids decorate the Christmas tree or hang up decorations around the house to get them really involved in the holiday spirit in their home.

However, not all parents are happy with the outcomes.

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Apparently, there are some parents who want things to look a very particular way for the holidays, and they'll redo the decorations if they think they weren't done well by their children.

According to a recent Reddit post, one dad didn't like the way that his children decorated for the holidays, so he took it down to redo it.

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The dad asked the Reddit community if he was an "asshole" for redecorating the Christmas tree because he did not like the way his children had decorated it.

His main concern, apparently, was what it would look like when family and friends came over.

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"It was fun, but you can imagine how it looked so I thought I would redo it the right way since we'll have guests over Christmas," the dad wrote.

He placated his kids by keeping it up for a few days.

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"I left it for a few days to give the kids time to enjoy it and then took off the ornaments and replaced them so things looked more balanced," he said.

His wife thinks it was terrible of him to take the kid's work down and redo it.

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"I tried to get her to see my side, but she thinks what I did was unacceptable and will upset our kids. They did ask some questions but don't seem to be bothered by it, but my wife still thinks I am the asshole," he wrote.

While he doesn't think what he did was wrong, the Reddit community disagrees.

Many said the father was acting irrationally.

"Don’t you think your parents would love to see a tree decorated by their grandchildren no matter how crazy it turned out rather than a perfect tree decorated by their adult child?" one person asked.

Someone else said he's teaching his kids a pretty bad confidence lesson.

"What an unnecessarily cruel thing to do. Way to undermine their self-confidence and ability to learn skills and above all HAVE FUN. And I thought Christmas 2020 couldn't get any worse.

Don't have people over during a pandemic and put the tree back the way it was before your kids see it," one person said.

Many thought this dad was "a perfectionist" and would be giving his kids a complex.

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One person even gave an analogy to showcase that they believed this was "wrong."

"If your child drew a picture and you put it on the fridge, would you alter it to make it more 'appealing' for your guests?" they asked.

Overall, Reddit users seemed to think this dad made a mistake, but what do you think? Is this guy wrong, or do you agree with him?

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