President Obama Says Once And For All That 'Die Hard' Is Not A Christmas Movie

There are some great debates in humankind's history. Did the chicken or the egg come first? Is there life after death? Are aliens real? What's really in Area 51? Have we ever had real evidence of the paranormal?

And perhaps, most importantly, is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

*Die Hard* came out in July of 1988.

You'd think an action movie starring Bruce Willis that was released in July would be easily classified as a summer blockbuster and nothing else, but there's one detail that's caused a lot of debate in recent years: The film is set during Christmas.

John McClane's fast-paced, high-stakes adventure all goes down on Christmas Eve at his wife's company's Christmas party.

Is that enough to technically make this movie a Christmas movie?

This debate has been raging on every December for years, with some people arguing that Christmas is integral to the plot, and others saying it's absolutely not.

Former President Barack Obama has just settled it once and for all.

Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity on his show to ask the former president his opinion on this controversial subject, and he made it pretty clear: "No," he said simply. "It's A Wonderful Life is a Christmas movie. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a Christmas movie."

"*Die Hard* is an action flick that happens to involve, tangentially, Christmas."

You can watch the video for yourself right here.

What do you think? Is Obama right, and the Christmas detail is insignificant to the plot? Or do you believe that no matter what, Die Hard will always be a Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments below!