15+ Delivery People Who Missed The Mark

Being a delivery worker can be a bit of a tricky job from time to time; however, there are some people out there who actually make this job harder for themselves by doing the bare minimum.

So, bearing this in mind, here are 15+ delivery people who missed the mark!

"The delivery note got put inside the card instead of a birthday message."

Nothing says Happy Birthday to someone quite like calling them deaf and slow behind their back.

"It seems the delivery guy and I completely disagree."

Oh wow, I have never thought about this before, but I think that I would have to agree with the delivery guy. What about you?

"Delivered a package this morning. Think I nailed it."

Oooh, well la de da! Look at these people with their two doormats, how bougie!

"A small album of late passes I've received..."

I think that my personal favorite has to be "was busy spying on the germans," I got a real Dad's Army vibe off that one.

"Why isn't my package here yet?!"

Oh, Jesus, I cannot imagine how much the driver of this truck must have been dreading calling their boss after this.

"The first tube light they sent was delivered bent. Fortunately I got a free replacement..."

It looks like they have been using these as walking sticks judging from this...or, you know, jamming them into too-small spaces, that's probably it now that I think about it.

"My friend works for the USPS. This is her service dog and best friend, Herschel the Postal Pup. He takes his job very seriously!"

But, dogs and postmen are sworn enemies? I cannot believe this pooch has betrayed his kind like this, or maybe he is working as a double agent.

"The kids have been asking, dad is delivering. Christmas is going to be great..."

Well, I mean it is an officially licensed Nintendo product, so this must have been what the kids were really after!

"The amazon package I ordered came with an empty used cough drop paper inside..."

Yeah, you need to go right ahead and burn this package, and preferably what was inside of it as well!

"Bottle of ink broke inside the package and it looks as if I received an organ."

"Hey, I've got your..."

"It's not a human heart, I swear!"

"That...that seems like something someone who had ordered a human heart would say."

"Packages delivered to the wrong address..."

This unfortunate person eventually posted an update, writing, "Joe Turo is a very kind elderly man trying to open a bed and breakfast. He sent 50+ packages to 2 separate addresses (both not his) and is in the process of claiming them."

"Days worth of dirty diapers for whoever keeps stealing packages off our porch."

"This way we will win the package war!"

"Dave, the smell on the porch is unbearable, at what cost will this victory come?"

"At whatever cost is necessary! Now put this peg on your nose!"

"My smart doorbell kept telling me there was motion on my porch. I went to check and this guy tried to sell me car insurance."

Someone else said that they had encountered this salesman, and that his sales pitch had really stuck with them...

Yeesh, sorry about that.

"I had pizza delivered, I set it down on my patio table for one minute and came back to this."

Okay, so this one is more on the owner. They should have known that nothing will attract a cat quicker than a warm cardboard square to sit upon.

"My UPS driver ran over my package."

Wow, what a perfect tire track! This is like something out of Looney Tunes!

"My mother just informed me amazon delivered my harmonica..."

You'll have one hell of a job trying to get a note out of that "harmonica"! Still, that shouldn't stop you giving up on your dream of playing the harmonica though!

"Took 2 months to receive this mushroom grow kit due to a misplaced package slip. It arrived like this."

Look, one thing is for sure, they can't blame the company who sold them it for selling a defective product, it definitely works!

"I'm a Postman/Mailman and came across this impossible to deliver letter."

I mean, I love their hopefulness with this letter, but by God this has a snowball's chance in hell of getting to Hazel & Thomas!

"Being Trapped Inside Your House By The Delivery Guy..."

Hey, so here's your food!"

"Err, great, can you move it away from the door?"

"Depends. You got a tip you wanna slip through the door to me?"

"The 'obstruction of my front door' that prevented UPS from delivering my package..."

Amazing how some UPS delivery workers are beholden to the same rules as Sims.