32 Photos Taken At Just The Right Time And Place

You've heard it before, and it's true. Timing is everything. This is probably most true when it comes to viral photography.

Some of the best viral photos have come out of pure coincidence. Check out these 15 photos that were taken at the right time and place!

1. Take this shot, for example. Likely, this person was taking one of those super exciting pictures of their food to put on Instagram.  

Reddit | TeaGossips

Luckily, this sneaky cat crept in to make the photo way better.

2. This person who went to take a selfie with his pet parrot and, somehow, the eyes aligned in most the most perfect way ever. 

Reddit | TomBaum

This man's caption isn't too bad either. "I recently acquired a bird's eye view," wrote TomBaum.

3. The owners of this dog made a portrait of their dog doing something really familiar. 

Reddit | yolosafafofo

So familiar, in fact, that he was caught spontaneously recreating it! He's such a good boy!

4. This has to be one of the most incredible perfectly timed photos I've ever seen. 

Reddit | ralphfaith

The flames ripple into the shape of a woman's face and hair. Katniss, dat you?

5. "A student of mine walked into a wall while not paying attention. This was the mark left on her glasses," wrote asl001.

Reddit | asl001

The level of detail in the eyelashes and eyebrow is ridic.

6. The shadow created by this barge looks exactly like a city skyline. 

Reddit | TeaGossips

Is the angle of the sun exaggerating the height of the ship, or is it incredibly top heavy? We may never know.

7. This absolutely stunning photo of a fireman during the fire in Doñana, Spain. How fitting, right?

Reddit | Ibleedcarrots

The caption on this photo on Reddit read, "Not all heroes wear capes..." So true.

8. This photo has taken on a whole different meaning now in today's political atmosphere.

Imgur | KellyanneAlternativeFacts

Can you imagine waiting to go into surgery with the anesthesia flowing and you look up to see ol' Pootie-Poot looking right at you?

9. This lady waiting in this person's terminal that has a killer handlebar mustache. 

Reddit | coldcursive

OK, obviously the luggage handle is perfectly aligned with where that 'stache would go, but if you blur your eyes, the gift just keeps givin'.

10. The water being flung onto this majesty elephant somehow forms into a smaller, smiling elephant. How is this even possible??

Reddit | BasedOnAir

This is some next level coincidence! Definitely my favorite shot on this list by far.

11. Speaking of perfectly timed pictures of water, these cresting waves look like they're made of solid glass.  

Reddit | AdamE89

It would be nice see a dude surfing under this for some scale, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

12. Look at this li'l guy who somehow got caught in a "squirrel-proof" bird feeder. 

Reddit | brandon0529

Awww, how long have you been in there, my friend? His face definitely looks a little guilty, doesn't it?

13. "My cat Mr. Puss looks like a snail when he poops," wrote driccio. 

Reddit | driccio

That's definitely one of those grumpy but satisfied pooping faces. Is that another head hole out the top?

14. Obviously, this is a delicious, well-balanced meal you're staring at. 

Reddit | Blunoze_Son

If you look carefully, the way the light bounces off this can of pop makes it look photoshopped into the picture.

15. This mattress that looks exactly like an ice cream sandwich when it's flipped on its side. 

Reddit | njbolinger

Sleep never tasted so good. Intentional marketing ploy or coincidence? You tell me.

16. This wave that was captured at the perfect moment. 

Reddit | Clumbsywalker

Because of the timing, it looks like a fold of sherbet created by a spoon. Now that's pretty cool if you ask me.

17. "Leaving the nest for the first time," wrote KevlarYarmulke. 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

I love how they aren't more than a couple inches from the hole they jumped out of and they are already falling.

18. This man took this perfect photo of a hawk that landed on a windowsill. 

Reddit | Mannos_Hands_of_Fate

The man's reflection blends in with the hawk so well that it appears as if the hawk is taking a picture himself.

19. This mouse that was caught Van Damming his way between furniture, probably looking for food. 

Reddit | meltshake

The Reddit user that posted this image wrote, "Special Ops mouse captured in the middle of operation mooncheese."

20. This person captured this delicious layering of their coffee after putting some cream in it. 

Reddit | Reddit

OK, definitely cool and all, but it's time for that bad boy to get in my belly, pronto.

21. This picture captures a frog jumping at just the right moment, resulting in this bizarre but fascinating distortion. 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

If this picture was taken any later, those feet wouldn't have been clear either.

22. "In a rush to get to the playground, he might have forgotten about the ice," wrote angrywords.

Reddit | angrywords

Even though he probably knocked his head pretty hard, I'm sure he found the energy to go play.

23. Obviously, this probably wasn't the most fun for the child involved, but it's fascinating to see such a high-res picture of a fall in action. 

Reddit | Reddit

The title of this post read: "She slipped trying to pop the soap bubbles."

24. This one is pretty adorable, actually. 

Reddit | Tevesh_CKP

This picture of a baby owl losing his footing on a branch with his two buddies completely oblivious of what was happening behind them.

25. How perfect is this?! This bee totally looks like it is carrying the sun. 

Reddit | mike_pants

This seems like another picture that's completely impossible to pre-plan. This person just got very lucky.

26. "Picture of a shark taken while the water surface was still intact," wrote emoposer. 

Reddit | emoposer

I seriously can't get over those jagged teeth on the bottom — and those empty-looking eyes.

27. This picture that perfectly captures a plane flying at just the right level to slice the clouds right in half. 

Reddit | Endless_Vanity

The passenger either got their phone out really quickly or this was a really lucky shot.

28. This perfectly timed photo from a White Sox game in 1959 captures a distracted man dropping his drink on left fielder Al Smith. 

Reddit | AdamE89

Double whammy for this guy. Opposing teams hits a home run and you get a face full.

29. Was this intentional?! Can you imagine falling asleep on this person's couch and waking up this horrifying creature hovering over you?

Reddit | shahidhanif0

What makes it even more horrifying? It's wearing shoulder pads! Not cool...

30. Last, but not least, we have this stunning photo of the moon aligning perfectly with this massive satellite dish. 

Reddit | Mr_Popty_Ping

Something tells me this person waited a long time to capture this shot.

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31. Wait...what?

Reddit | Frenchy-LaFleur

Am I crazy? Or is this literally the most perfectly timed photo ever taken?

32. Apparently this talent is more common than we thought!

Reddit | aarsmadenkak