Quotes For When You Just Can’t Stop Doomscrolling

As I sit here guzzling the first of what it likely to be many cups of coffee this morning, I am once again berating myself for not getting enough sleep.

I don't even have a good excuse. No late night work shift or deadlines to force me to stay up later than usual. Hell, I was in bed by nine.

Then I did the thing, the exact wrong thing.

I decided to check my phone one last time before tucking in with a book.

And then there was a vague reference to something else going on in the world, so I popped over to the news sites, then to Twitter.

And then suddenly it was three hours later and my anxiety was in full force.

I used to be so much better about not getting sucked down the rabbit hole right before bed. A quick check to make sure I didn't have any messages or alerts, a goodnight gif to any friends I'd been texting with, and then a few chapters before sleeping.

Now though, those news alerts aren't the sort of boring local stories they used to be.

This year has been so crazy, with so much stuff happening that the culture literally invented a new word for it: doomscrolling. Which is pretty much the perfect word for the act.

So if the person reading this is currently putting off bedtime by franticly scrolling through their Facebook feeds: please go to sleep now. Learn from my mistakes.

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