10+ TV Shows That Everyone Should Watch Once In Their Life

These days, there are more television series than ever before, and it can be hard to know what to watch.

This is a great problem to have, however, as there are some truly great television series made over the years. In fact, many of these shows are just as good, if not better, than the best movies around.

Here are 10+ TV shows that everyone should try watching at least once.

*The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air*

There are many great sitcoms and family comedies on television, but this one was iconic in many ways.

It's a great way to transport yourself back to the '90s, and fans couldn't, and still can't, get enough of Will Smith in this iconic role

*The Simpsons*


It's hard to overstate the cultural impact that The Simpons has had.

With so many nods to political and social events, while still being hilarious and irreverent, it's worth watching even if it's not your usual genre.

*Parks and Recreation*

It's hard to choose from all of the great comedies that have been created in the past 10-15 years, but Parks and Recreation really does stand out.

It's hilarious but also incredibly warm-hearted, and many fans fell in love with Leslie Knope and her infectious eagerness.

*Big Little Lies*


These days, television series often feature heavy-hitter A-list actors, and with a cast that includes Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, the acting on this series is superb.

Fans can't get enough of the rich women of Monterey Bay and the secrets that connect them.

*Star Trek: The Next Generation*

There are many Star Trek series and films to choose from, and while the original is also worth giving a shot, Next Geneartion is an easier watch for people new to the franchise.

It really sets up the franchise, and it stars Patrick Stewart which is a real perk.

*Twin Peaks*

This is another classic that really changed the game. This strange crime story is filled with mystery and a unique aesthetic.

It's no surprise it's still so loved by so many fans and that it really set the stage for future crime and mystery series.

*Game of Thrones*


The series might be in the fantasy genre, but it's an epic feat with great acting and impressive visuals.

While some fans were upset by the final season, many of the other seasons are well-written and intense and worth giving a watch.



This series might feature Hannibal Lecter, but it's quite different than the Silence of the Lambs.

Mads Mikkelsen has a refreshing and great take on the iconic character, and the borderline romantic relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham was astonishingly well-written.

It's beautiful and dark, and fans were devastated when it was cancelled.

*The Sopranos*

While Game of Thrones might be HBO's best-known series now, it used to be The Sopranos.

It's a dark show but also really funny at times, and even those who hate mafia stories will be drawn into the world of Tony Soprano.

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer*

While it might seem a bit campy now, this series is still a great watch.

It was a big deal at the time, and fans became deeply invested in Buffy and the other characters. Plus, the show definitely opened the door for a lot more fantasy and supernatural series in the future.

*The Crown*

This series has been making headlines lately as it tells the story of the British Royal Family in a dramatized way.

While many of the scenes are fictional, most of the events are factual, making for an engaging series that prompts viewers to do their research.

*The Office*


While there are many great and hilarious sitcoms from the past few decades worth watching, The Office is one of the most iconic.

It really impacted culture with how popular it was, and jokes from the series are still said all the time today.

*Schitt's Creek*

This show feels like a more progressive, endearing sitcom for the modern age. It's Emmy-winning and surprisingly lovable.

The series says a lot about love, family, and life while being absolutely hilarious. Many fans also feel that the series had a great ending as it didn't allow itself to drag on longer than it needed to.

*The Wire*


HBO is known for making some of the most compelling and well-written drama series of all time, and The Wire is no different.

This show is on nearly every "best of television" list, and the acting and writing are spectacular.

*Avatar: The Last Airbender*

Sure, this might be a children's show, but it's incredibly beloved by fans of all ages.

The series combines great writing, compelling characters, and interesting world-building to create one of the best-animated series of all time. You'll laugh a lot and also become surprisingly invested in the characters.