10+ Little Details Fans Missed In Their Favorite TV Shows

I love it when a show rewards attention to detail. It's precisely that kind of clever writing and wit that keeps me coming back for more, week after week.

So in order to shed some light on some tantalizingly tasty television truths, I've compiled 10+ little details fans missed in their favorite TV shows.

There's a reason why Andy starts wearing short-sleeved shirts on *The Office*.


Everyone knows the Nard Dog's secret to success. It begins with name repetition, then personality mirroring, and finally — never breaking off from a handshake.

When Dwight becomes the acting manager, Andy starts dressing like him to gain his favor.

Merle from *The Walking Dead* was a customer of Heisenberg.


This is one of those "blink and you'll miss it" type moments. Pay close attention as Daryl goes through Merle's bag of paraphernalia.

You should be able to see a bag of blue crystals that look eerily similar to Heisenberg's "Blue Sky" from Breaking Bad.

Lily Toasts with an empty hand after announcing her pregnancy on *How I Met your Mother*.

In the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother, Lily announces her pregnancy to the gang while sitting in the booth at MacLaren's.

When they go to toast, everyone has a drink in their hand except Lily. Because she's pregnant — duh.

It looks like Jim and Pam finally managed to get that clown painting off the wall in *The Office*.


Remember that creepy clown painting that appeared to be a part of the foundation of Jim and Pam's house? Well, they clearly managed to somehow pry it from the walls.

It's leaning right up against the door, in the top-left corner of the screen-cap.

"If you pause to read this..." in *Black Mirror*.

You can find this little gem in the "Playtest" episode of Black Mirror. The writers have hidden a clever little Easter egg in plain sight.

The contract reads: "If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto five people within a 28 day period."

Captain Holt from *Brooklyn 99* was at Ground Zero during the 9/11 terrorist attack.


If you look at the medals and commemorations adorning Holt's chest, you should be able to spot a black band with the letters WTC.

This was given to first responders who worked at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attack.

There's a very clever nod to *Spider-Man* in the Netflix series *Daredevil*.

Most people are aware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. But did you also know that on another earth in the MCU, Spider-Man is actually named Miles Morales?

The poster hanging on the wall is advertising a fight between the two.

Daenerys' braids grow with each battle that she wins.

The Dothraki only braid their hair when they are victorious in battle. If you look at images of Daenerys from season 1, she has no braids.

By the time the series finishes, her hair is ornate as can be.

Beetlejuice makes a cameo appearance in *Community*.


Beetlejuice's name is said three times over the first three seasons of Community. Once by Professor Slater in season 1, then again by Britta in season 2.

When Annie says his name at the beginning of "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps," he can be seen quickly walking by.

There's an x-ray of Homer Simpson's head in *Bones*.


This is a brilliant and hilarious homage to a classic episode of The Simpsons wherein it's revealed that Homer's lack of intelligence is caused by a crayon lodged in his brain.

Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer, also guest stars.

There are hidden ghosts everywhere you look in *The Haunting Of Hill House*.

If you think that The Haunting of Hill House doesn't have any rewatch value — think again! There's a slew of hidden ghosts in almost every scene and in every episode.

Can you spot the one in the picture above?

The intro to *Castle Rock* shows a map with all the locations to towns in Stephen King novels.

For example, Lewiston was the setting for Carrie. The movie adaptation of Pet Sematary was filmed in Ellsworth.

I don't think I need to explain who resides in the little town of Derry...

The infamous Starbucks cup on the set of *Game Of Thrones*.


Is it just me or did the writers and producers of Game of Thrones really phone it in over the last couple of seasons?

That coffee cup in front of Daenerys couldn't be any more obvious.

There's a guy wearing jeans in one of the most recent episodes of *The Mandalorian*.

Suffice it to say that this PA likely got fired after ruining this pivotal battle scene.

If you look under the right arm of Greef Karga, you'll see a guy wearing jeans and a green t-shirt.

Leslie and Ben's triplets are foreshadowed in season 2 of *Parks And Recreation*.


Do you remember Leslie's blind date with the x-ray technician in season 2? After giving Leslie an MRI, he compliments her on her uterus. He goes on to say that she could have triplets right off the hop.

Lo and behold, that's precisely what happened.

Lillian drinks a can of Old Spanish in *The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt*.

Fans of the beloved sitcom 30 Rock are likely to have spotted this Easter egg right away.

An Old Spanish is a fictional cocktail that's made with red wine, tonic water, and olives!

Ted from *Mad Men* also pays homage to the fictional *30 Rock* cocktail by ordering it in a bar.


I know it sounds utterly disgusting but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to try it out. What if by some stroke of genius it actually happened to taste good?

I think the world needs to know.

Remembering Michael Scott on *The Good Place*.


The inscription on Michael Scott's coffee mug read "World's Best Boss." In a similar vein, Neil's reads "Existence's Best Boss."

Sidebar: do you think Michael Scott is going to The Good Place?

Mac and Charlie know what time the train leaves the station in *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*.


Mac and Charlie have a time-honored Christmas tradition of throwing rocks at trains. But you can't very well throw rocks at something if you don't know when or where it's going to be.

That's why Mac is reading a train schedule at the beginning of "A Very Sunny Christmas."

Li'l Sebastian made it to Horsey Heaven after all in *The Good Place*.


Li'l Sebastian was so much more than just the town mascot of Pawnee, Indiana. For goodness' sake, he had an Honorary Doctorate from Notre Dame!

Bye, bye, Li'l Sebastian. Miss you in the saddest fashion.

*SpongeBob Squarepants'* height and weight are sponge appropriate.

If you compare SpongeBob to your average everyday kitchen sponge, the dimensions hold water.

Also, according to his DOB, SpongeBob is turning 35 this year! Does anyone know the average lifespan of a cartoon talking sponge?

A clever nod to Matt Murdoch's alter-ego in *Daredevil*.

The sign reads, "You don't have to reveal your identity to help solve a violent crime."

Yeah, I'd say that Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil would tend to agree with that statement.

Pay close attention whenever you see someone sitting on a bench in *Arrested Development*.


With Buster sitting on the bench partially obstructing the ad, it appears to read " Arm Off."

If you'll remember, moments later Buster runs into the ocean and has an unfortunate encounter with a bowtie-wearing seal.

The Crain siblings in *The Haunting Of Hill House* represent the five stages of grief.

Steven Crain is Denial, the author who doesn't believe a word of his own story. The jaded Shirley is Anger, Theo is Bargaining, Luke is Depression, and Nell is Acceptance.

*Friends* and *The Handmaid's Tale* exist in the same universe!

Before watching this episode of The Handmaid's Tale, I would have said quite confidently that a Friends Easter egg would have been the last thing I would've expected to pop up.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

Quoting *Macbeth* in *Riverdale*.

The quote on the blackboard is arguably Shakespeare's most famous soliloquy. It's from the final act of Macbeth, and it foreshadows the usurping Thane's inevitable demise.

Now, who from Riverdale could that passage be referencing? Hmm, I wonder...

Sabrina's red dress in *The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina* is a callback to *Rosemary's Baby*.

It's the identical dress that actress Mia Farrow wore in the film.

It's these kinds of tasty horror-iffic Easter eggs that got me hooked right from the start.

Maggie honors the dead on *The Walking Dead*.


Take a moment to notice the portraits on the wall of Maggie's office and you'll begin to see some familiar faces.

In the top right corner is her late father, Hershel, and in the bottom right appears to be her sister, Beth.

Now David's rings are a matching set in *Schitt's Creek*.


I love Schitt's Creek; it's my new favorite comfort show. One thing any fan will tell you is that David Rose doesn't go anywhere without his signature silver rings.

The engagement rings Patrick got him are the exact same type, just in gold.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cavemen in *Dinosaurs*.


I am so freaking stoked that Dinosaurs is making its return via Disney + in the new year! 2021 is already looking up.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Cavemen posters are a clear homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Walt's pants make a second appearance in the final season of *Breaking Bad*.


Remember in the very first episode of Breaking Bad when Walt takes off his clothes before cooking? Well, those are the exact same trousers he left in the desert that day.

Admittedly much worse for wear.